Technology in the Classroom

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February 26, 2011
EDU-225 Instructional Technology
Prof. Amanda Bruce MEd.

Technology in Education
In today’s society many technologies have become useful in education. To make students successful in education today, we must use all tools that are given to us. We must realize that our students today are being brought up in an age of technology that has never been seen before. Today most homes have computers in them and most children are more literate to technology. The need for students today is to learn and make use of the skills that they have in technology and use them in the classroom. The digital world is so much part of the world today, how can educators ignore it. In the requirements for students from 6-8 it is making sure they are prepared for high school and the college levels of technology. By the end of a sixth grade students must be able to use appropriate vocabulary to demonstrating and using moral knowledge while on the internet for information in the classroom. It is very important that every requirement is implemented and used, if not we are only cheating the student of his/her education.
The “No Child Left Behind Act” has made states responsible to make sure every child is technologically literate by the time they reach the ninth grade. The United States Dept. of Education says race, ethnicity, gender, income, geographic location, or disability is not an issue and every child will get the same instruction as the child next to them. This is very important and should be the main focus of schools in the United States. We must make sure every child can further education and be prepared to move forward in today’s world.
The National Educational Technology Standards expects students to use the basics of technology. Technology should be included in the curriculum as an extra tool. This can be used to solve problems, finish projects, and be more…...