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Technology in the Critical Period

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Technology in the Critical Period

Stimulating Cognitive & Emotional Development in Children. (n.d.). Retrieved May 9, 2015, Decurtis, L. (n.d.). The ASHA Leader. Retrieved May 10, 2015, from

Definition of technology in English:. (n.d.). Retrieved May 6, 2015, from http:// Digital Story Helps Dual Language Learner Connect with Classmates | National Association for the Education of Young Children | NAEYC. (n.d.). Retrieved May 9, 2015, from http:// Technology in the Critical Period
Technology is defined as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry”(Oxford). The use of technology over the previous century and especially over the past 10 years has grown tremendously. Companies including Microsoft and Apple have virtually made anything possible through the use of their gadgets. Speculation has arose over use of these, although technology has opened connections and opportunities that people would not have otherwise.
Social connections are one of the most primary examples of the advantages that technology provides. Ages zero to about six is an extremely critical period for a child to develop essential motor skills and social skills including language. Hundreds of languages are spoken around the world, and this can make communication difficult. Although, advantages in technology have made this issue minuscule to what it has been in the past. The University of
Georgia conducted a recent study in which a 4 year old boy for China who could not connect with other students due to language barriers. In attempt to help connect him with the students and improve his English skills, the child was given an iPad which he used to present the class with pictures and a narration. Students of the class were interested in what he was presenting them and this reaction, the communication began to increase automatically. This integration represents only one of the many connections technology can cause. To teach children at a young age to use technology as a resource to expand knowledge will help as the move on into higher education and throughout their lives.
Although a child’s brain is stimulated from birth, the first three years of life are the most critical period in which brain cells connect with other cells. If the brain is not properly stimulated, the development is stunted. and studies show, if a child must learn language and

Technology in the Critical Period critical social skills in this window. Ultimately, these skills cannot be learned after the critical period as a child(Childcare). Although technology is not the only way to stimulate the brain, it is extremely beneficial to have an interactive program that is stimulating the eyes and brain as well as developing motor skills. According to many speech pathologists, apps have extremely changed the teaching of language and social skills to children ages 1-5 with autism, down syndrome and other disabilities. Using building method apps will integrate motor skills while connecting symbols and young children learning to identify these symbols(Decurtis). Although books and physical interaction is still effective, the stimulation with technology, especially with the upcoming generations, will cause children to be more attentive. Programs on the iPad have developed programs in which children can sing along with songs, write and illustrate a story, and multiple other creative experiences. There is unending information on the internet and technology provides immediate access to this information, which is one of if not the most prominent way to get information in the world today. Learning this at a young age will not only teach them to use this as a resource, it will give them access to be creative and receive information about all topics and interests they may have. Although there is much speculation about overstimulation of technology at a young age, the facts and studies all present the fact that using technology for learning and use of motor skills during the critical period as a toddler has shown to be extremely beneficial.

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