Technology in the Elementary Classroom

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How using technology in the special needs classroom can help students learn
Shannen M. Brown
Florida A&M University

In this research paper I will be examining the best ways to use technology within the special needs classroom to enhance learning. I will be talking about the different assistive technology that can be used, and the adaptive technology that can be used which will all increase the learning ability for these students. The special needs students are sometimes left behind because of their inability to use some of the same tools as the other students, in this research paper I will examine the different technologies and how they can help special needs students.

As the world is becoming more and more dependent on technology every aspect of life has to assimilate to that idea including education. Today’s students are growing up with complete knowledge on certain devices that 20 years ago teachers and parents were just getting familiar with. It almost seems as if students are born with knowledge on how to use all these new and exciting things which should make it that much easier to incorporate technology within the classroom. From computers, to smart boards and to ipads our dependence on technology is increasing, increasing at such a high rate maybe pencil and paper will be obsolete in the near future. Within the mainstream classrooms teachers have been working hard to include computer time for the students to help enhance education while some other groups have taken longer to begin the use of such materials. I will be researching how using technology within the special needs classroom can help students learn.
Students who are in the special needs classroom are usually considered to be low achieving and lack motivation therefore are sometimes considered “at risk” students. Education and how it is implemented has been changing and…...