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Technology in the Next 20 Years

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As time flies by, people around the world are getting smarter and smarter each day. Knowing that every person in this world have unexceptionally inexhaustible needs, people are trying to improve or to create new technologies that feels impossible to us to be actualized, but without us realizing as years passed by, those ideas might actually become a reality. Those ideas and plans need more than just a few years for them to be realized. They probably need 15 to 20 years until it comes to reality. Now that we know how smart, creative and advanced people are, some crazy ideas that are not likely able to exist at the present time can possibly appear in the next 20 years. One of the most popular technologies that people are hoping to be realized in the future is probably flying cars. Airplane feels impossible for people who live before the Wright brothers successfully created one. This can lead to the possible realization of flying cars in the future and we believe that those people who work on it will create something much higher than our expectation. Other technology that is likely to come true in the next twenty year is probably robots that are able to live and assist humans. Those robots are used to help humans in their daily lives and able to communicate as well as do other things that humans did, or even things that humans aren’t capable to do. Looking from the progress made nowadays, all the technologies in the next 20 years will be very much enhanced compared to the technologies used right now. It will be able to perform a much faster than bigger task, and yet the size of it will be very efficient to bring with. The world in next 20 years will quite change a lot, because everything will depend on technology and the technology itself are very capable on doing stuff that the whole world’s population right now aren’t able to...

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