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Technology: Its Pros and Cons

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Technology: its pros and cons.

Thanks to technology, undoubtedly, we make better use of our time and manage all aspects of our lives too. Technology has been around since man discovered fire, then used tools and then made the wheel. Everything is invented, improved or discovered for our benefit. We all know technology surrounds us because it is crucial to mankind and we depend on its advancements to basically survive. In the internet-era we enjoy many things that we did not even fathom before and were mainly thought to be part of a science fiction book. Isn’t there more to it than meets the eye? Humans are creatures in need of face-to-face interaction with our own species and in need of close personal contact for warmth and bonding. We have yet to become conscious of how much of a significant impact technology has on this topic; its pros and cons.
To begin with, we, humans, will never be able to keep up with the improvements of society without interacting with technology. All the advancements in communication systems we enjoy today are supposed to keep us better connected. Today’s generation has access to multiple gadgets and gizmos like cell phones, iPods, and computers. Moreover, these devices have programs themselves which further help us manage our social life. Through them we have access to Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Tumblr, and we find that our friends are just one click away. We also make great use of Web cams, IM, e-mails and teleconferencing for work because of the advantage they offer of saving us time and resources. Besides, there is the obvious benefit of leading the industry and not staying behind it in any market. The computer revolution has made it possible for an architect in Florida to receive the blueprints he needs from New York in a matter of minutes and to hold a conference meeting through streaming with his partners at the same time....

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