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Technology Leading to Social Isolation

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Technology Leading to Social Isolation
Technology Leading to Social Isolation Imagine walking down the street, listening to your iPod, texting on your cellphone or reading books on your tablet. Do you actually look up long enough to notice other people around you? In most situations no, you are oblivious to what other people are doing around you because you are so involved in your social media connections. When you are at home, work or school how often do you get involved with your social media? Take a minute to really think about how much time you spend on your phone, laptop, tablet, iPod, or any other piece of technology. How much time do you spend alone because of it? Although technological innovations have helped us grow as a society and get more information, culture, and perspective at a worldwide span, it may seem to have doomed us into creating such isolated lives. Constant contact with social media has led to an unlimited number of cases that are tied to social isolation. Because of this issue, people are more invested in everything other than what they are physically doing; the increase of innovations through technology has to lead to a decrease of face-to-face interaction amongst society, which has created less meaningful relationships and a lack of social interaction that we need to function as a society, creating unnecessary health risks for people who fall under this category. Problem Analysis
Technology has made too many things so easily available from groceries to shopping to simple communication to friends and family in such a way that people have surpassed being dependent on it. People need to understand that technology isn’t supposed to be so personally depended on, the negative outcomes are so much worse than the positive outcomes. It has begun to affect society in an addictive way that negatively affects their health through emotional,...

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