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Integrative Design and Evaluation
Jeanette Boxley
American Intercontinental University Online

When it comes to education and the new different type of technology that are available for use in the classroom, we as teachers must stay on top of the materials. Using these types of tools the teacher will be able to give the students the best possible education available for them. But these are only tools and teachers must be able to use them along with instructing the students on what the best way would be for each and every student in their classroom.

Integrative Design and Evaluation
Educational Technology
Schools in 2003 did not have the computers needed to meet their student’s needs, out of all the schools in the United States the ratio of computers to students looked like this; there were 4 students for every computer. During this time frame there are only about 8% of the schools that would lend out laptops to the student body they had only about 5 computers available to lend out at that time. Also during this time frame about 10% of the public school system had some sort of hand held computer for both the students and the teachers to use during the school day (U.S. Department of Education).
Out of all 50 states 48 of these included some type of technology standards in the years 2004-2005. During 2004-2005, out of the 50 states there were about 16 that offered or had some sort of charter school that were operating some type of cyber schooling. Also during this time frame about 22 of the 50 states established virtual school for students, it was during this time that about 56% of both 2 and 4 year colleges started to offer long distance courses, with about 90% of public schools offering long distance courses for the students (U.S. Department of Education).
Something else that also happened during the early time frame with long...

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