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Technology and Social Change

Social change is any change that occurs in nature, social institutions, behavior and relations of people (Mutekwe, 2012). Social change is also change in the organization of the society and particularly in the practices and beliefs of people. All societies go through change, whether significant or subtle. For example, public opinion on abortion, smoking, divorce and homosexuality have changed in the last fifty years. Macro scale changes affect primary social institutions like family, politics and religion. Micro-scale changes, on the other hand, shape people’s attitudes, values, and beliefs. Sources of change include the media, environmental pressures, dramatic events and technological innovations.
Technology, on the other hand, is an object, a method, or an invention that alters the social environment of people and extends their natural abilities (Rosa, Yee, Sweeney, & Dator, 2013). Technology and social change are inseparable. As mentioned above, technology is one of the major factors that create changes in the society. Technology improves on some aspects of human qualities. Hence, a significant tool for social change. For example, the wheel enables human beings to go to places where their feet would never reach.
Positive impact of technology on society
Technology has resulted in many positive impacts on the society. Computers, for example, have brought enormous changes in medicine, the workplace, education and social mobility (Associated Press, 1995). To start with, technology has transformed medicine, which has transformed lives. With the help of technology, doctors can diagnose and treat life-threatening diseases, prolonging the lives of people. For example, recent technological inventions have enabled physicians to operate on unborn babies inside the uterus. Second, the value of…...