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Technology Trends Proposal 2

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Technology Trends Proposal II HCS/483

Medical Robots
Healthcare, education and communications are ways that individuals can interact with computers, especially in healthcare areas. Computers and software are practically in every area of healthcare. An important role of computers is the increase of its capabilities, availabilities, and accuracies of information that is used in the support and development of our health care systems. Some remarkable changes have occurred in our health care systems due to computers. One such computer is a medical robot. To allow surgeons to have a better access to areas that are more precise and tedious, a medical robot can be used for these types of operations.
Privacy risks
With the use of medical robots, there are more chances of privacy risks. A health care robot will be monitoring a patient 24 hours a day, and all the information that is collected and stored can be at risk. The reason for privacy risks is that all information that is collected can or will be reported to other robots, human providers or health information technologies. Healthcare robots will have capabilities of connecting to other devices and this will mean the transference of personal data.
Healthcare robots will have the need of being sure they are running and functioning properly and this can be an issue of privacy. When maintaining the operation of the healthcare robots they will have the need of technicians and data service providers. What this can entail is a potential for vulnerabilities into the healthcare environment from the technicians or providers accessing or by merging the robots with other devices as they do repairs or updates.

Security safeguards...

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