Technology and Social Change Final

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Technology and Social Change
Steven D. Smith
March 28, 2016
Dr. Shayne Aloe

Technology and Social Change
Technology plays in iatrical role in society. Technology has a big influence and the advancements in technology can cause social change. Even though we create advancements in technology, even the society that makes those changes is impacted as well. This paper will address the impact of personal computers, cell phones, and the Internet on society. This paper will also review technological developments that relate to the three major sociological perspectives such as; equilibrium model, digital divide, and cultural lag.
The use of computers has increased dramatically over the years, and the use of computers has changed the lives of many people and how they do things. Computers are a very complex tool, but they are also very useful. Computers can be used for many different functions such as; keeping in touch with distant relatives and friends, research, conducting business, doing homework, or for entertainment. Computers are a very useful piece of technology that most people have and use at home or work. Being on the computer can take away from being productive and cause procrastination for most. Everton, Jolton, and Mastrangelo (2006) state, “Computers have undoubtedly changed the way people work, but they have also changed the way people avoid and sabotage work” (p. 730).
The Internet ties personal computer and smartphones together which has affected current sociological issues that are affecting us. Then Internet is very appealing to users because you can use the Internet for almost anything. Users spend a lot of time on the Internet surfing the web, social media, business, etc. Having all these different resources readily available cause people to separate from living reality and choose to embrace virtual reality.
Moseley (2012) states, “However…...