Technology and Social Change

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Leslie Chappell


University of Phoenix


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Americans are faced with increasing change of technology in everyday life. Most of the time, the change happens, and we don't realize how it affects our lives. I remember talking to my grandparents about their younger years; it made me realize how technology changes from generation to generation. Technology is scientific knowledge and the making of tools to solve problems. The technological advances are vehicles, airplanes, radio, TV, cell phones, and computers. The 20th century has changed how people meet, interact, learn, work, and do business. This type of knowledge doubles every several years. Sociologists are concerned how these technological societies will adapt to the social changes that technology continues to bring. Social change is alteration over time in behavior patterns and cultural values. Sociologists acknowledge the role that social movements play in members to bring about social change. There are ways to understand the nature of long-term social change; it includes looking for patterns and causes which led sociologists to understand the evolutionary, functionalist, and conflict theories of change.
According to The Pew Internet and American Life Project, 45% of American adults own a smartphone which is a 10% increase since May 2011. But smartphones are more popular with the young adults and those that live in higher income households. 66% of the ages between 18-29 own smartphones. In early, 2012 88% of Americans have a cell phone, 58% own a desktop, 61% laptops, and 18% own a tablet. These devices help families stay connected which is one pro, the con of that is that also keeps families apart. Before technology, the use of cell phones and tablets, families would sit at the dining…...