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1) Description of my business
Worldwide, mobile phones are becoming the most widely available communication platforms. As an attempt to provide ease to consumers when searching for halal food, Jazeera Technology enterprise is proud to introduce its inaugural Halal Mobile Apps (JTE) which made available on most mobile platforms. This is the World’s First Halal scanning product as the first module was first introduced in 2015 for many other applications to be made available on the Halal Mobile Apps. It is developed to provide users with accurate product of halal food using the Server technology direct to Jakim. Users will have the experience to scan halal food certified by JAKIM in one single touch. This software application is also equipped with performance monitoring system where users could rate the cleanliness of the product that they scan. In the second and third modules, users will be able to easily obtain mobile access on the halal directory and halal industry news and knowledge via Jazeera Technology enterprise.

2) How technology will be used
E-halal introduced by Jazeera technology Enterprise. Halal service to every package food. It easier for users especially the Muslims to ensure the product is being sold and certified halal by JAKIM. E-halal provides comfort for every user. It is only via smartphone application. It is designed to android application use. This application only via online purchase and customers need to download and can continue to use it. when customers download this application, users only need to scan the code located on the product, and in the process of code to be connected with JAKIM to identify the product is under category of halal or not. This will provide convenience to consumers who are now hesitant to buy the packaged product. E-halal is subject to the rules have been certified by JAKIM and government. E-HALAL can be...

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