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On the utmost utter of the term teen violence, many people shudder and have different perceptions and views towards the same. The topic has raised controversial issues and addressing it is needed. In fact, the way the media views, interprets, perceives and apply it in the daily living is a subject to a thorough analysis. Sometimes the topic is under discussion with exaggerated biases. Teen violence is the harmful behavior comprising of physical, emotional, social or spiritual violence affecting the young people. Teen violence issues range from domestic violence to abuse in relationship issues, gang violence, cyber bullying, and forced crimes.
A teenager is a victim below 18years. Causative factors of teen violence range from psychiatric problems to developmental disorders and other crime related issues. The youths with personality disorders such as decreased self-esteem are at a high state of joining a gang, a place where he will fell more appreciation. The media in their state of reporting these issues shows different expressions and variation of their side of their story. Some put the blame on the parents and the upbringing trends, others on the children exposure to technological advances, others still on the state for their failure to adopt policies to protect the teenagers. Assessment of different technological issues in the media proves that there is frequent reporting of new information that has never been known previously. The information is useful in creating awareness to the publics of the occurrences.
Analysis of several website information on teen violence
Racine and Henry in their article do intensive explorations on the teen dating violence, and various household perception on the issue. They also try to evaluate the differences and relationship between such violence and the home life of the African American teens. They do a detailed analysis of some of the researches conducted by different institutions, making correlations with the date findings. Their findings are very comprehensive on the issue of teen violence. Their report concentrates mainly in the core areas of dating violence, its etiology, prevalence, media influence and the role of clinical therapy in alleviating the problem.
Through the initial authentication of the victims and the abusers, adoption of a program to assist them to revert their bad ways is necessary. Physical and mental assistance remains detrimental to such victims. The audience to this research is the parents, the school administrators and the individual teens. The author argues out that if the teens are affected by such violence to the critical extent, then the future of the current generation is questionable. The author suggests that a close observation of the teenagers, keen evaluation of behavioral change seeking to understand the issue affecting them in their life be the key factor to bring healing to them. The research is very appropriate in the real life situations. Close monitoring of the teens by the parents can elicit early detection of emotional disturbance useful in aiding the teenagers to revert their behavior. The report is also valid since it utilizes cross-sectional study of different scholarly work (Henry & Senem, 2012).
The Ziggys’ blog tries to address the issues teenagers experience in their stages of development, including peer pressure, harassment, or sexual orientation. On September 2011, it did post a very educative piece of writing regarding the teen violence that is on constant escalation. The researcher tries to relate the prevalence of teenage violence in America. Center for Disease control and prevention makes reports that at least 15 teens are killed every day. The research also emphasizes on the risk factors and preventive measures of teenage violence. Some of the risk factors are gang involvement, decreased parental involvement, inconsistent discipline among the teenagers, emotional issues, among others. The blogger also put it that the African American youth are the most at risk of teen violence and homicidal issues. Males’ incidences are higher than the rates of women. The access of technology such as violent videos is likely to increases the personality of violence and homicidal thoughts among the youths. The teenagers accessing violent games act violently soon after playing these games. Parents are the backbone in solving the issue of teen violence. They need to be there always for their children, counselling them, monitoring their exposure to violent games, and peer pressure. They need to have control over what their children access on the internet.
The information provided in this blog opens the mind of the reader. There is a lengthy expression of both the causes, demographic data, effects and the solutions to the problem in discussion. The validity of information is not questionable. The source of numerical analysis and split-up is from Center for Disease Control and Prevention. However, some of the suggestions on curbing the Teenage violence may be hard to apply especially monitoring what the teenager’s watch, since one is not with them all the time.
The video Stop the Violence marks out the various ways curbing violence, increasing violence, and increasing awareness of this violence. The authentic video sends information to the parents and different leaders to adopt the aspect of violence protection. It gives applicable information to the parents.
Influence of web-based information
The internet remains the most profound information source the world has ever had. It has many effects to the society at large and cultural issues. One can just search for anything if there is an internet connection. It is a databank of information. The information is useful, educative and strives to take the society a notch higher than before. The information aids the researchers in making further analysis in the gaps and providing feedback. The results are at disposal for everyone to read and grasp, hence, creating change in societal issues. However, no all information is useful for public consumption. Some may be subject to bias and absolute grapevines. Therefore, all this has great implications to the mind of the user both in sociological and multicultural perspective (International Conference on Web-Based Learning, 2009).
The accessibility of data is immediate, just a click away and what one wants is just there. However, even if there is an unseen benefit in every cloud, not all the information on the internet is trustworthy. Some of it may infringe on the cultural issues of different people worldwide. The way a certain community may perceive certain portion of the information may be different from another community. When evaluating the research tools to utilize in research, such considerations are important.
Factors in evaluating Internet sources for research
The world has immense information for utility in any research. Despite all this, not all information is useful and valid enough. It is, therefore, critical to evaluate the relevancy of the documents and literature in use during a research. The information for a short topic such as teenage violence is so immense and staggering that one would have to read more than a million booklets to access all the information. The quality levels of these massive quantities are also uneven (Rubin, Piele & Haridakis, 2010).
The three main determinants in establishing quality work in research are the accuracy, reasonability, credibility and supportability. With its acronym ARCS, the criteria are fundamental in determining the appropriate resource to use in research.
To determine the accuracy of a certain resource, establish a period of publishing. It should provide solid facts that are comprehensive and up-to-date. It needs to include all; important details, acknowledging and opposing similar researches and views. An accurate source needs to utilize different sources of information without leaving out critical facts. It also needs to mention the target audience of the information. A resource on the geographical issues cannot be addressed to the nurses. Persuasiveness of the information will not be to the good depth.
A reasonable source has some content of objectivity, and consistency of information. No conflict of interest should exist, in that the author of the piece is after personal gains. The author needs not to assume similar authors opposing the work. The approach is well defined and thoughtful. The information is believable and makes sense. Asses the reputation of the publisher and the author, since there are some publishing firms that guarantee high quality work.
The information should be credible and authentic. One needs to look at the factors making the work believable. The authors credential and personal profile is important. One should author a book in his fields of interest. For example, an engineer cannot author a book about ovarian cancer. The reputation of the author needs acknowledgement. He needs to be a scholar. There should also be a sign of quality assurance and quality control in the work. The sources the site of research uses is also critical. Assess whether the site has a thorough documentation of their statistics utilized in research. Compare whether there is familiarity n the data one already knows with what is in the presentation.



Henry, Racine, Renee, and Senem Zeytinoglu. “African Americans And Teen Dating Violence.” American Journal Of Family Therapy 40.1 (2012): 20-32.
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