Ted Bundy-What Motivates a Serial Killer?

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When I was four years old, the first pieces of human bodies that had been slain by a young man in his twenties were slowly being found by the police. They were just beginning to discover the severity and scope of killings committed by Theodore Robert Bundy. After numerous murders that spanned across several states, everyone began to learn more about the serial killer, Ted Bundy. For months and years thereafter, he gained a great deal of attention throughout his arrest, trial, guilty conviction and execution. What motivated this intelligent, former Boy Scout to commit such horrendous acts of murder? Why do some people kill and others who come from similar environments do not? Why was Bundy motivated to conduct several interviews while on death row, including the one on the eve of his execution? These questions will be the basis for this reflective review of Ted Bundy’s life and behavior that led to unthinkable tragedy for many families.
Ted Bundy granted an interview to Dr. James Dobson the night before his scheduled death. In this interview, he tells Dr. Dobson that he grew up in a Christian home with two parents and was not the subject of any form of abuse. Then, what could have possibly motivated him to abduct and murder the children and young women he so carefully selected? According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, after we satisfy our biological needs we move on up the pyramid to satisfy our personal and social needs. I believe when Bundy reached level 3, satisfying his love and belonging needs, things started to unravel in his life. He was plagued by fears and doubts of himself through grade school, into high school and on into college. I believe Ted Bundy may have killed because of jealousy and out of vengeance due to never really having a social group to fit into. He killed for a kind of love no one could give him. It probably started with the love…...