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I decided to watch a Ted Talk about gender inequality within a church. I felt that I could relate to this one the most because growing up in Utah is an automatic submersion into the religion. In this talk, Chelsea Shields speaks about how she was raised in the LDS church and she watched women get excluded from high positions her whole life. Chelsea's main goal is to make a change in the church and have women start to climb the ladder. This article related most to chapter 10 in our book about gender. There was a large section talking about how gender inequality to women has always been a problem and this video proves that it is still going on today. Chelsea is determined to change that.
Chelsea also talked about how the church is held to a different standard than any other business. She put it in perspective of if a large corporation said no woman could hold a position of high power, then there would be rage. But the fact that a church can say it and no one has challenged it yet, is a major problem of gender inequality. The best point that I believe Chelsea made was that we accept things in our religious life that we would never accept in our secular life. This statement brings in the conflict perspective on religion from chapter 13.
This Ted Talk was a great look into the gender inequality debate because Chelsea was really able to explain the problems with the world accepting it in religion, and being outraged about it in corporations and the government.

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