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Teen Dating Violence

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Teen Dating Violence
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Abstract This research paper is being presented to examine if adolescents are most at risk for abusing and assaulting their dating partners because there is a direct or an intermediary association from exposure to dysfunctional behavior at home, at school, or in their community. I am going to write this paper by doing research on the internet and looking through books and journals at my local library. These influences not only affect how youths behave, but also what they believe about acceptable forms of behavior in their relationships.

Theories of Personality According to Campbell (2007) dating violence is defined as the perpetration or threat of an act of violence by at least one member of an unmarried couple on the other member within the context of dating courtship. This also includes dating between same sex couples, although most statistics have been gathered from heterosexual couples. Teen dating violence differs from adult domestic violence in that when a teenager is abused, she or he becomes isolated from their peers due to the controlling behavior of the partner. Intimate partner violence among adolescents is associated with an increased risk of substance use, unhealthy weight control behaviors, sexual risk behaviors, suicide and pregnancy. (Dobash, 2000) According to Dutton (1995) teenage victims of dating violence are more likely than their peers who have not undergone abuse to smoke, use drugs, engage in unhealthy diet behaviors, like taking diet pills or laxatives and vomiting or develop bulimia in an attempt to lose weight. They may also start engaging in risky sexual behaviors and attempt or even start considering suicide. Apparently one in five female public school students, in a study carried out in Texas, reported having experienced...

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