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Teen Parenthood

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So this is permanence

1: The short story ´So this is permanence´ is written by Stephanie Soileau and the theme is teen parenthood.
Sarah drops out of her school because of her pregnancy which she hides from her mother.
After the pregnancy her life gets difficult, she is frustrated and unhappy with the baby boy, she finds it hard to establish a bond with her baby. Her mother does not know about the situation until its too late to get an abortion.
Sarah can´t fill out the baby´s needs and cares, her top priority in her life is not about her baby.
She then confronts the baby´s father who is unaware of the situation and is seventeen-years old, he gets irritated and leaves to the rests rooms. Meanwhile the father is in the rest room, Sarah leaves her son and takes off. She was never prepared to take care of a baby, specially not one she did not want in the first place.

2: Sarah is a sixteen- year old girl, her father has passed away leaving her with a lot of sorrow.
She finds comfortable in a boy named Daniel. Meanwhile Sarah is also a new baked mother of a son. Her mother and sister assist her of helping her with taking care of her son and his needs, but Sarah is not that happy about being a mother.
But Sarah doesn't put much energy in taking her of her baby, an example is that she could let it stay in its own filth over a longer period, with the thought of her mother or sister should be the one changing it. This is one of the many things that shows that Sarah is not ready to become a mother.
She even starts to think that rivers is an option of getting rid of her son, these thoughts also shows that Sarah is unable psychological.

3: Sarah thoughts in the diner is first about smoking, she wants to smoke and if she got one she would have been smoking in front of the baby. Another example that shows that Sarah is not ready to be a mother. After...

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