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Teenagers and Disorders

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Everywhere you look throughout the world, on television, radio, magazines and even billboards, you can see that people are encouraged to try to be thin. Females are especially affected by this type of advertisement. The television commercials tell us that we can be thin by taking one little pill. Teenagers are taught by television and magazines to watch your figure by watching what you eat. Some teenagers get really depressed about the issue. Once they get depressed sometimes they develop eating disorders. The eating disorders can be a really large problem. This is when it gets to the point where the person needs help for the safety of their life. On television teenagers watch shows that have good looking guys and girls in it. Along with their looks they are also thin. The teenagers watching these shows want to be like the person depicted on television. In magazines you see articles all the time on how to lose weight. These articles tell people how to try to lose weight and keep it off. And on the radio and bill boards you see this men and women advertising some type of drug that made them lose weight. All of these things that teenagers see in life leaves an impression. That impression is that they want to be thin. The teenagers that read these articles in magazines on how to get thin try to follow them. They try to obey different diets and exercise to try to lose weight. For some people it may actually shed a few pounds. Also for some people it does not help them. Some teenagers get to the point where they are trying anorexia. Anorexia is when people go for long periods without having anything to eat. This will cause the person to lose weight, but it will many times put the person trying it in the hospital due to malnutrition. For some people the effects that anorexia has on them stays with them for life. Some may develop problems with diabetes. Teenagers...

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