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Teens and Guns

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Rap lyrics and its influence

Many rap lyrics glorify violence and guns. Every lyric can affect us in its own way, either it is positive or negative. Many US citizens think rap lyrics should be forbidden, because the lyrics are about topics that can affect us to take catastrophically choices. There are hundred points of views around this, but is it right to deny people to listen to what they want?

The latest years there have been several shooting situations in American schools where teenagers have shot teachers and fellow students. This can have a connection with the lyrics in raps. Tupac, Dr. Dre and Eminem are some rappers who are writing about violence. Some of their lyrics are called “Hit Em Up”, “Ni**a witta gun” and “One Shot 2 Shot”. These rappers are very popular among teenagers. Rappers often have opinions about violence and guns that invite people to use guns as self-defence. This is one reason rap lyrics glorifying violence should be forbidden.

Five percent of the teenage population in the US bring weapons to school. Rappers encourage wearing weapons because you never know what is going to happen and who you are meeting around the corner. Even though this is true, I think it is paranoid thinking that it always is a chance to be killed or beaten up.

I think everybody needs to see more from different perspectives. US citizens who think rap lyrics that glorify violence should be forbidden need to see what rap listeners are missing when they are not listening to rap.

Rap lyrics containing violence can also affect us in another way. They take us into a culture we do not know. I think we need to know different cultures in the society to work well. The rap culture often contains guns and violence and maybe it is a benefit to hear a rapper’s story? Maybe rap lyrics can make us take distance from this gun culture when we have heard the horrible...

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