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Dance like There's No Tomorrow

As you open the door into Dance Like There's No Tomorrow, you will immediately see a cheerful, sprightly woman sitting at a maple oak desk full of neat, organized papers. Right in front of her, a bright green apple laptop sits, glowing. What hits you second is the lemony smell of air freshener, to mask the smell of the oak floor. She invites you to sign up with a shiny clipboard and yellow pencils. After you finish the tedious registration, you get to enter the studio! Your hand grabs the cold, slippery doorknob on the soundproof door and turns the knob. You get hit by a breeze of cold, fresh air coming from a grey fan hung in the back corner of the studio. Loud pop music from a stereo in the front of the room blasts out, and vibrates your eardrums.
You find yourself enclosed by four walls of crystal, clear mirrors on every side of you and it mimics every move. Long, polished wooden bars wraps around two sides of the walls. A portable blue jug of ice water sits in the front of the room, covered with little beads of water. In the very back of the studio, there is a hidden door which blends into the walls because it also has mirrors on it. It contains apparel for dance, sweatpants, T-shirts, camis, dance shoes, and sweatshirts with Dance Like There's No Tomorrow on the very front of them.

The shiny, glittering world of Dance is intriguing and popular for all ages. If you need to release your stress, want to have fun, or Dancing is just your dream, come to Dance like No Tomorrow

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