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Telecommunication Certifications

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Tonex Training
Technology and Management Training Courses and Seminars

Telecommunications Certification - Certificate in Telecommunications
Why should you choose TONEX for Telecommunications Certification? Certificate in Telecommunications Technology, Engineering and Management?

Telecommunications Certification, Technology, Engineering and Management, a 8-week program, addresses the requirement of the communications industry for technical and management expertise and business skills. Telecommunications Certification provides telecom technical knowledge along with telecom management. skills: telecom planning, implementation, management of physical systems for voice, video, and data communications. Telecommunications Certification Objective: Provide a strong foundation in the technical aspects of telecommunications technologies Learn about Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) Industry Structures and Concepts Assess current and emerging telecommunications technologies including wireline, wireless, mobile and broadband Establish an understanding of telecommunications management Become proficient in the technical specifications of telecommunications technologies Evaluate alternative technologies for the fulfillment of communications needs Understand telecommunications trends for voice, data transfer,video and digital entertainment converge Telecommunications Certification optional courses include:

Introduction to Telecom Networks


Tonex Training
Technology and Management Training Courses and Seminars

Telecommunications Industry: Structure and Environment Emerging Technologies Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) Industry Structures and Concepts Introduction to Broadband Introduction to Wireless Networks Introduction to Convergence Technologies ICT Current Technologies and Trends...

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