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Telecommunication Engineering Personal Statement

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My Motivation
I have always been a firm believer of words of Albert Einstein, “Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”. Today’s hyper-competitive world is characterized by rapid technological growth. The thriving advancements in Information technology and vast opportunities it provides fascinated me from my school days in choosing engineering as my career. Broad spectrum of electronics and communications motivated me and influenced me to choose Telecommunication Engineering.
In the near future, the world is quite likely to have hundred times more Internet Connected devices than there are humans. Hundreds of billions of machines will be sensing, processing and transmitting data as the ‘Internet of Things’
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My journey continued and completed Pre-University education by securing 95% in science related subjects and this lead me to pursue Bachelor's from R.V College of Engineering. I obtained my under-graduate degree from R.V College of Engineering, one of the prestigious colleges of our country specializing in the field of Telecommunication Engineering. I secured CGPA (cumulative grade point average) of 9.18 and was amongst top 5.
It paved a way for comprehensive building in many of the fields of communications such as Basic electronics, Analog and Digital communication, Signals and Systems, Digital Signal Processing, Satellite communication, Computer Networks, Optical Fiber Communication, CMOS Integrated circuits and Analog Mixed signal VLSI. The subjects integrated with lab courses have helped me gain knowledge on technical software like Lab VIEW, MATLAB, RIDE and PSPICE. Along with all my core subjects, I augmented my technical skills by taking up programming courses like C, C++ and
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I worked as a R&D engineer in iSON (Intelligent Self-Organized and Self-Configured Networks) department. It provided a tremendous opportunity to leverage my technical skills and domain knowledge.
I would also like to add that I’m fairly active at extra-curricular activities. I’m an International FIDE rated chess player with a rating of 1918. I represented Karnataka state at the National Level chess tournament and won silver medal for my state. As the captain of RVCE chess team, I played a major role in winning numerous trophies at the university and state level. I was also an integral part of the university team and participated at the national level university championship.
I have always been very enthusiastic about giving something back to society. I was part of the core committee responsible for the inception of Eco Club in our college. We aimed at making a difference by showing the path to a greener and healthier world by conducting various awareness campaigns throughout my tenure as a student and encouraged renewable sources of

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