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In what ways may a corporation's structure and culture be internal strengths or weaknesses?

If a corporation's structure is compatible with present and potential strategies, it can be viewed as an internal corporate strength. If, however, the structure is not compatible with either present or potential strategies, it is a definite weakness and will act to constrain strategy formulation. For example, if a corporation is structured on the basis of function, this may be a weakness if the firm wishes to grow by acquiring other profitable corporations. In order to implement such a strategy, the strategy formulators may have to reorganize on a divisional basis. To the extent that top and middle managers have no experience with such a structure, a lot of unforeseen problems can emerge which may seriously affect the success of the strategy.

Corporate culture, a collection of beliefs, expectations, and values shared by a corporation's members, acts to shape the behavior of people in a corporation. Since corporate culture has a powerful influence on the behavior of managers as well as other employees, it may strongly affect a corporation's ability to shift its strategic direction. Acting in a manner similar to structure, to the extent that a corporation's culture is compatible with present and potential strategies, it can be viewed as an internal corporate strength. To the extent that it is not compatible, it may spell disaster for a strategic change in the implementation stage. A strategy that contradicts an entrenched culture may find itself being quietly (or not so quietly) sabotaged by the corporation's most loyal and competent...

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