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If I were a business owner and had to decide between hiring a marketing department employee or upgrading my computer software, I generally believe that it would be best for the company and its current employees to invest in the computer upgrade. With each choice requiring the same extent of security, there are some additional elements that must be taken into consideration. I will have to make decisions concerning the company’s benefits of an additional member of staff, and compare the need and value of a mainframe upgrade opportunity. To upgrade the computer system it will cost the company a onetime payment, offering the company longevity benefits. The upgrade will add bookkeeping skills that an employee may not be equipped with for the same price, but the cost of an employee has to be paid weekly, or biweekly at an ongoing pace. The computer won’t get tired, don’t need lunch, can be depended on, don’t come with any attitude and won’t add a distraction. With a simple comparison the computer seems to be a smarter choice in this case. The computer may be utilized as a marketing device and may offer benefits to that section also it will add to the company’s general business procedure. This may result in the current employees becoming more useful with the added innovative computer utensils. This would prevent me from having the need to hire another employee for that department. The company is more valuable with the added equipment and does not add an increase in value that comes with hiring another employee. To conclude, I would select to upgrade the company’s computer equipment and ensure that my current employees are properly trained to gain complete benefit from it.

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