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What are the first things that come to mind when you hear the word temptation? What kinds of temptations have you faced?
The first things I think of are food (eating things that I know I shouldn’t be eating), disobedience (feeling tempted to ignore what my parents told me not to do) and distractions (instead of concentrating on my work, I get drawn into unnecessary conversation with my peers). As we can see we have all experienced temptation in our daily lives.
To be able to understand temptation, we need to know where it originated from. The first temptation mentioned in the Bible is of Eve. We all know the story. Satan appeared to her as a snake and urged her to eat of the Tree of Life which God specifically told her and Adam not to touch. This tells us that temptation is not something new or unheard of but in fact has been around from the creation of man. God is a withholder of great things.
We now need to think about the source of temptation. However, before we look into this we must read James 1: 13, 14. The word specifically tells us that God does not tempt us.
Knowing this, how are we tempted and why? * Idleness * Desires * At our weakest moments * The tempter uses others to tempt us
Satan wants to separate us from God. He wants us to feel so weak and helpless so that we begin to lose all faith and trust in the Creator. The tempter wants to lead us astray so that we can fall deeper into sin. Once you’ve sinned, it’s easier to sin again. Temptation is like a seed. If you don’t water it will not grow but if you nourish it, it will surely blossom. We should avoid giving into temptation because the more we give in, the harder it will become to resist it.
When David heard the dreadful news that Bathsheba was pregnant, he should have used it as a prompting to repent. Instead, David did what most sinners do when we are ashamed: he tried to hide his sin. He wanted to bring Uriah back home to have relations with Bathsheba to provide a reason for her pregnancy.

Poisonous Paradise
In Southern Mexico lies the Cave of the Lighted House. As you make your way to the cave you can see a variety of tropical birds and a beautiful rain forest. Underwater, the cave is fed by 20 underground springs and beautiful watercourses which swarm with tiny fish. The environment is inviting. However, if you dare to enter the cave you would be met with death. You see, the Cave of the Lighted House is filled with poisonous gases which mean that any chance of ever entering the cave is zero.
Temptation is just like this. It presents itself to us as something inviting, attractive and life-giving, yet would just lead you to your death.
David and Bathsheba:
Guilty and unrepentant, David did not ask guidance from Heaven, but sought to extricate himself from the dangers in which sin had involved him. Bathsheba, whose fatal beauty had proved a snare to the king, was the wife of Uriah the Hittite, one of David’s bravest and most faithful officers. The law of God pronounced the adulterer guilty of death, and the proud-spirited soldier, so shamefully wronged, might avenge himself by taking the life of the king or by exciting the nation to revolt. {EP 521.1}
Every effort which David made to conceal his guilt proved unavailing. He had betrayed himself into the power of Satan; danger surrounded him, dishonor more bitter than death was before him. There appeared but one way of escape—to add murder to adultery. David reasoned that if Uriah were slain by the hand of enemies in battle, the guilt of his death could not be traced to the king. Bathsheba would be free to become David’s wife, suspicion could be averted, and the royal honor maintained. {EP 521.2} * David stays home from the war against the Ammonites – He was supposed go to war with Joab and the other men but stayed even though God told him to go.
After what is temptation summarise the story of David and Bathsheba – Have either Iona or Tia read 2 Samuel 11
What can we learn from David’s temptation?
Break down the story and questions.
How can we find ourselves in a similar situation?
Temptation tends to come when we are disobedient to God’s word.

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