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Ten Little Known Facts About the Amish


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Ten little known facts about the Amish
Source: * Number 10. They have their own language. It's called Pennsylvania Dutch, and is called such due to the large number of Amish people living in the namesake state. The tongue is a combination of Dutch, English, and German.

* Number 9. Riding in cars is fine. Owning, driving, or even having one within the confines of the community is what's forbidden.

* Number 8. School attendance past the 8th grade is rare. Based on the 1972 Supreme Court ruling in Wisconsin vs. Yoder, the Amish are given an exception to regular US truancy laws on the basis of religious freedom.

* Number 7. The Amish are not a cult. Their religion is of the Christian variety. One unique aspect is that they practice adult baptism. They also don't engage in evangelism.

* Number 6. Beard growing doesn't start until after marriage. Marriage doesn't happen until the person's been baptized.

* Number 5. The Amish don't go to church. Rather, they have community Sunday services in their own homes. On average, each family hosts once a year. Bigger communities get broken down into smaller, more manageable districts.

* Number 4. Amish brides make their own dresses. That it be blue is required by some groups, but others leave the color option open. After the wedding day, the woman wears the dress for Sunday services and is eventually buried in it.

* Number 3. Some technology gets the green light. The decision about what can enter the community is based upon how good it will be for it. Regardless of what's adopted, it cannot require the use of the public energy grid. The sun and batteries are the preferred power sources.

* Number 2. They believe modern medicine is acceptable. However, they don't believe in insurance. Any treatment or hospital care that is required is paid for by a community fund.

* Number 1. The Amish pay taxes. All sorts of them, actually - property, income, sales, and so on. What they don't participate in is the Social Security system Their opposition to it is that they see it as a form of insurance, which, as mentioned, they don't do. It's their belief that as a community, it's their responsibility to care for one another.

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