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The Product The variants Characteristics Marketing potential Market survey Target customers Positioning Recommendations Final word

The Product
Coconut water – a world of opportunity
Coconut water is technically a fruit juice, extracted from unripe (green) coconuts. It is a popular refreshing beverage widely consumed in tropical countries, commonly sold fresh by street vendors still in its green shell, and drunk through a straw. For centuries, people living in coconut producing countries have been quenching their thirst by drinking fresh coconut water. It has been considered so healthy that various qualities were ascribed to it. In Hindu religious culture, coconuts are the best of all fruits and coconut water can cure all the illnesses of the world. The coconut is a holy fruit and those going to temples have to offer it as a gift. There is nothing like fresh tender coconut water off the tree, consumed immediately, it has an unbelievable taste and flavor and few drinks can compare on grounds of health. Around 10 billion coconuts per annum are consumed as tender coconut water in coconut producing countries. The fresher the better. Age can vary to taste but 7.5 months is probably ideal. Moreover, the drink comes in its own natural aseptic packaging. Amongst the reckoned names in the industry, product is hygienically processed range of Packed Coconut Water that is safe in consumption and is free from added impurities.

Variations:  Packaged Coconut Water o Packed Coconut Water o Coconut Juice o Packed Fresh Coconut Water o Pure Coconut Water o Green Coconut Water o Healthy Coconut Water o Natural Coconut Water o Coconut Water Coconut Water o Green Coconut Drink o Coconut Water With Aloe Vera o Coconut Water with Mango o Coconut Water for Health Sports Drink

o Natural Sports Drink o Sports Drinks o Natural Beverages o Electrolyte Drink  Isotonic Drinks o Isotonic Drink o Isotonic Sports Drink  Tender Coconut & Coconut Water o Tender Coconut Water o Tender Coconut Water Prisma Pack o Tender Coconut Tetra pack having shelf life of 8. Product don't have any added preservatives or sugar. Life is increased by UHT process. Same like pasteurization of milk.

The Variants 1. Tender coconut water
Tender coconut water is the only product when processing green coconuts. The volume of water is higher than mature water from brown coconuts but must be sold at a higher price than mature water to justify production. This tricky question has been evaded until now by the global brands who began to dilute tender water with mature water but now have run out of tender water.

2. Mature coconut water
Mature coconut water is very different. Those processing coconuts at plants, mostly Desiccated Coconut producers with 10 month old nuts, and those processing coconut milk from fully mature 12 month coconuts, targeted the meat in the kernel and the free water was allowed to run off as a waste product. In planning plants, experts had to make arrangements for its safe disposal, although therefore residual uses such as production of vinegar or even acetic acid developed.

The Indian Coconut Development Board site publishes characteristics of the two as follow:
Analysis of Mature and Tender Coconut Water Mature Coconut Water Total solids% Reducing sugars % Minerals % Protein % Fat % Acidity mg % pH Potassium mg% Sodium mg% Calcium mg% Magnesium mg % Phosphorous mg% Iron mg% Copper mg% 5.4 0.2 0.5 0.1 0.1 60.0 5.2 247.0 48.0 40.0 15.0 6.3 79.0 26.0 Tender Coconut Water 6.5 4.4 0.6 0.01 0.01 120.0 4.5 290.0 42.0 44.0 10.0 9.2 106.0 26.0

Market potential
In order to accommodate those who pined for coconut water but lived far from the trees, a number of producers took to canning tender coconut water. However, with serialization and preservatives, the experience was very different than the fresh product. Application of heat in the process is bound to impart a caramelized off flavor. Canned coconut water never really got popular but many still produce and sell it. Canned coconut water, for most, is a very inferior product, a personal opinion backed by a long period of stagnating global demand for the product. Demand has picked up with the sudden popularity of coconut water, canned water is used in products being sold.

Despite those of us who have long argued for aseptic processed and packaged coconut water, in our case since 1976, it is only when some enterprising people set up Tetra Pack tender coconut water in Brazil in 2005 that things changed forever. Yes, forever, since we are not going back to the situation that existed before. People's eyes have opened and the centuries old beliefs have become global public knowledge. It is quite understandable that the leading brands use canned water because it is so0 much cheaper and abundantly available.

From 2005 to now, demand for tender coconut water has gone through the ceiling. You can’t buy any more for the next two years. There can’t be a better illustration of demand outstripping supply. Those who developed the market were astounded by the fact that they simply could not produce enough. From 20 million coconuts being used we are now nearer 500 million or at least headed that way.

Market Survey
We conducted a market survey to gauge the market potential of coconut water. We found the following revelations about the market of coconut water 1. UNTAPPED MARKET Coconut water market is still untapped because only 22% people who had participated in the survey are able to consume coconut water at least twice within a week. With more availability of coconut water we can foray into this vast untapped market of coconut water because the similar result for soft drinks resulted in 82 % of correspondents saying they had it at least twice within a week.








2. UNAVAILABILITY AND STORAGE ISSUES : REASON OF LOWER CONSUMPTION The best result of the survey was that people were not having the coconut water was because that coconut water was very difficult to find and it is very difficult to store coconut water in the home. As many as 82 % of respondents gave “unavailability and difficulty in storage” as the reason of not consuming coconut water regularly. This means we have a very high untapped consumer market who want to consume coconut water but do not get it enough.

Taste not good Not easily available Proper hygiene not maintained by coconut vendors Drinking from raw coconut does not look good. Can not be easily stored in home Other

3. WE ALSO ASKED RESPONDENTS “If they ever had packaged coconut water?” Another confirmation that we got that market is asking for more packaged coconut water when a whopping 81% of respondents replied that they never had packaged coconut water ever in their life. Packaged coconut water solves the following problems for consumers:1) It would make it easily available if our market penetration is high 2) Storage issues would be resolved 3) Some consumers also had hygiene issues which will also be resolved




4. CONSUMERS WANT PACKAGED COCONUT WATER IN THE MARKET The best result for us came when around 90% of people said that they are ready or would love to try coconut water if available in the packaged form.





5. FURTHER EXPANSION OF MARKET Further expansion of market is also possible, if we try to educate the consumers about the benefits of the product. The reason being right now mostly “time-pass”, “hanging out with friends “, “refreshment” or “to quench thirst”. As more than 60% consumers of coconut water are because of the above mentioned reasons. This brings out the fact that the positioning that our product has is yet not being utilized properly in the market. Only around 30% of consumers take coconut water because of actual benefits with which project the coconut water.


After work-out as energy drink As a refreshment Time-pass with friends Other

When you are not well To quench thirst NA

This makes a few interesting point before us to ponder over:1) Coconut water is very much up for grabs. 2) Market is very much available, we need to bring the product there. 3) Packaged coconut water is the solution for getting the coconut water where there is demand and people are quite willing to buy the same. 4) Demand can be further increased if we let people know about benefits of the coconut water.

Prevents dehydration 100% Regular consumption provides glowing skin 80% 60% 40% Good for brain and muscles 20% 0% Reduces risk of hypertension, heartattack Helps in digestion and improves immunity.

Helps in losing weight Reduces skin problems like acne, age spots and wrinkles etc

Prevents/resolves kidney stones Fat free and sugar-free natural energy drink.

















a. Unaware local population: Our market research shows that people who’re willing to buy packaged coconut water are not aware whether such kind of product actually exists. Since product footprints are only in hospitals and/or college canteens, normal population are not aware of its distribution centers. One of the reason is that product is not available in retail outlets or very at very few retails outlets. b. No online presence: There exists a Facebook page of “Tendo coconut water” but it has meagre five likes. It shows that neither this page is popular nor any effort was made to make it popular. There is no Twitter handle or any other online media presence. Since these platforms are indispensable in today’s age, we cannot avoid it. c. No presence in market: Our market research shows that, there is no market presence of the product by means of billboards etc. d. No market reach: Even if people knows about the product, there is no way they can buy it from nearest retailer. One of the reason of success of some FMCG products are their availability near to the consumer. Also, there is no provision for bulk ordering. e. No diversified SKU: Our product is available in only one SKU i.e. 200ml tetra pack for 30 rupees. There is no other SKU. Since product’s main selling point is on its health benefits and storage efficiency, making it a family product with long shelf life. But only 200ml tetra pack is totally against the product’s marketing motto.

Proposed solutions
a. Better and diversified advertising: Since people are unaware about the product, advertisement is really important. People knows the benefit of coconut water and are willing to buy packaged drinking coconut water, due to lack of advertisement, they don’t know about the product hence cannot buy it. Advertising strategy can be divided into two parts. a. For young college-going generation: Today’s young generation is defined by their social media presence. At the same time, they’re not reluctant to share any music or video if it looks good. Creation of viral video which shows Tendo coconut water in good light and at the same time, is entertaining, will increase awareness of product in consumers and will benefit product’s sales. b. For old generation: This market segment is not as active on social media hence traditional marketing strategies like billboards, hoarding etc. will help in increasing awareness. Also, retailers can be asked to promote our product by sticking our billboards etc. on their shops and promoting our product among their loyal customers. b. Expert’s recommendation: Because of vast health benefits of our product, if our product is endorsed by some expert like health professional or senior doctor, it will increase our product’s sale many fold. Also, government’s statutory body like coconut development board can actually provide subsidy and capital for the use of and promotion of this product. c. Better website: Tendo coconut water’s website doesn’t contains adequate information. Though it tries to project coconut water with its health benefits, still there’s no adequate information like where to buy, how many SKU etc. More information along with activeness by means of newsletter etc. will help spread of market awareness. d. B-2-B marketing: Efforts can be done to tie with various bodies like health clubs, gyms, canteens, hospitals for the promotion and use of the product.

Final word
All the marketing efforts will not materialize if our product is not readily available. Since dumping product in whole Delhi’s market will not be cost effective, we can use alternative strategy. We can select some small area in Delhi keeping in mind parameters like nearness to hospital, average age of population and occupation etc. and then use marketing strategy like billboards on roads, pamphlets distribution and providing incentives to retailers for keeping and promoting our product. Depending upon the response, we can go for bigger area.

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Coconut Charcoal

...removing water and other volatile constituents from animal and vegetation substances. Charcoal is usually produced by slow pyrolysis, the heating of wood or other substances in the absence of oxygen. The resulting soft, brittle, lightweight, black, material resembles coal. It has been used since the earliest times for a range of purposes including art and medicine, but by far its most important use has been as a metallurgical fuel. Prior to the industrial revolution charcoal was occasionally used as a cooking fuel. Philippines is the Top 1 among the coconut producing countries. For coconut is abundant in our country, it is popular for its culinary purposes, commercial, industrial, and household uses, and medical applications. Coconut shells with husks are used to buff wooden floors, making it clean and shiny (free from dusts). Here in the Philippines, it is known as “bunot”. The husk and shells can be used for fuel and are a source of charcoal. Coconut shells/husks are usually left around and are considered wastes besides making them into husks. To get benefits from them, by a primitive process, they can be produced to charcoal which can be an alternative fuel especially for cooking. B. Statement of the Problem The study aims to produce charcoal using coconut (Cocos nucifera) fibers. Specifically, it seeks to find answers for the following questions: 1. How much charcoal can be produced from the coconut fibers? 2. How long is the coal ember of the Coconut......

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