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Angles and demonds


When I hear the words Angle and Demond the first thing I think of is good and bad, sinner and

saint, heaven and hell. Personally, I believe an angel is a servant for god. I picture a angle to be a

reflection of God and all human beings, with white wings and good sprits. A angels and a

demonds are total oppsites of eachother that even speaking the word can either give you a sign of

relief and comfort or a fearful uneasy feeling.


Theological Definition: William Smith stats “Angles are spiritual beings created by God to

serve him, through created higher than man. Some angles have remained obedient to him and

carry out his wishes, while others, fallen angles, disobeyed, fell from thier holy position and now

stand in active opposition to the work and plan of god”.

Biblical Foundation: The formation of angels begin whit the creator. Angles are a creation of

God just like human being however, God created angles to have a higher power than humans.

According to Bible Dictionary “many details about angles are omitted but it is important to keep

in mind three important elements about the Biblical revalation of angles. The mention of angles

is insclusive in scripture. In NASB translation these Celestial beings are refeerend to 196 times,

103 times in the old testament, and 93 times in the new testament. Further, these references are

scattered threw out the Bible being found in at least 34 books from the very earliest books.

Weather (Job or Genisis) to the last book of the Bible Revalations. Finally, there are numerous

reference of angles by the lord Jesus who is declared to be the creator of all things.

Practical Application: We have proof that angles do exitst not because we assume this but the

Bible mentions angles in the gospel. God sends his angles to...

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