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Tep Charging Memorandum

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TEP CHARGING memorandum

Subject: Request for Technical Evaluation of Responses Received

Solicitation #:


To: Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP)


The accompanying technical responses are provided to you for technical evaluation. Information contained therein is to be used only for evaluation purposes and that information cannot be disclosed or duplicated in whole or in part for any other purpose without the written permission of the submitting parties. Also, be aware that no contact can be made with the offerors under any circumstances to discuss this solicitation.

The technical evaluations must assess the qualities of responses based solely on the factors and sub factors as specified in the solicitation, reproduced in Attachment (1) for your convenience, and the TEP report must discuss and substantiate in detail the TEP’s findings regarding each evaluation criteria. All TEP members’ evaluations must adhere strictly to the subject RFP’s evaluation criteria. There must be no comparison of offerors’ responses in the initial review.

The following individuals have been designated as members of the Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) for

No changes to the TEP membership are permitted unless requested and approved, in writing, by the Source Selection Authority (SSA).


(1) Technical Evaluation Criteria

(2) Guidelines for Interrogatories

(3) Do’s and Don’ts during the evaluation process

(4) Certification on Use and Disclosure of Responses

(5) Past Performance Questionnaire

(6) Scoring Plan

(7) Sample Evaluation Memo


Solicitation File:

The purpose of the...

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