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Job Title:
Job A- Prepared Foods Team Member
Job B- Customer Service Team Member
Job C- Prepared Foods Department Team Leader
Job D- Prepared Foods Supervisor
Job E- Dishwasher
Job F-Customer Service Front End Supervisor
Job G- Prepared Foods Associate Team Leader
Job H- Associate Store Team Leader
Job I-Grocery Retail Team Member

The job structure put the above jobs into two categories:
Managerial and Store Support..
In the Managerial structure: Job C, Job D, Job F, Job G and Job H.
In the Store Support: Job A, Job B, Job E, and Job I.

Evaluation of Job (Process, Techniques and Factors)
The Job evaluation technique used in this case study is the job ranking method. Reason for choosing this technique was simple. While this is the simplest method of job evaluation, Whole Foods themselves have placed the jobs in order, ranging from the highest, Store Team Leaders, Facility Team Leaders, Regional Presidents, and Presidents at the top and Team Members or Specialized Team Members at the lowest or entry level.
Four compensable factors
Can be derived that can be used when evaluating jobs within the company. These four are:
* Quality: Ensuring that the products and services are fresh, vibrant, safe and of great satisfaction to the consumer
* Customer service: Ensuring that the experience at Whole Foods is pleasant, fun, fast, and leaves the customer with a strong understanding of the Whole Food’s brand
* Awareness: Acknowledging that team members have a strong understanding of product knowledge, integrity, education and team building skills to work well not only with customers but with employees
* Social Responsibility: Holding fast to a community presence, honesty and transparency in all business dealings
Four compensable factors were chosen that reflect the growth strategy, current values and vision for WFM. The compensable factors of...

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