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Borderless Society
Gina Huerta
Kaplan University

The foods we eat on a daily basis which are purchased from our local grocery stores can help impact our local economy when these ingredients are derived from local farmers and communities. By learning where our foods come from and purchasing locally grown foods, we can support the local socioeconomic market and community members.
Meal Analysis In this meal analysis, the following foods and where they are derived from in order to get to our local grocery store shelves will be discussed. The ingredients consist of broiled (frozen) salmon, rice, fresh strawberries, and Folgers black coffee. One of the locally-owned grocery stores purchases most fresh produce from local farm and business owners. Due to geographic location, some ingredients must be imported from other areas of the country. Strawberries are grown year-round at a couple of farms which are a bit further away in distance. A farm in Minonk, Illinois grows strawberries, picks, packages and loads strawberries onto shipping trucks for distribution at our local grocer. The farm which is furthest located is 381.4 miles from Albert Lea (Perhus, 2014, May 5). This is the only locally grown item from the menu listing which can be grown in this area of the country. For some local grocery stores, there are local suppliers which grow their strawberries in greenhouses and then distribute to smaller owned markets and grocery stores. These methods provide a locally owned socioeconomic way of supporting local economies. Jasmine rice, would my preferred type of long grain rice to use anytime I eat rice. Locally, jasmine rice is distributed by Riviana Foods out of Houston, Texas and is exported from Thailand by Herba Bangkok S.L. based out of Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok Thailand (Riviana Foods Inc. 2014). Large cargo ships carry the rice...

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