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Do you think there should be term limitations for every elected government official? Well, as we all know one person’s opinion may be different from another person’s opinion. My opinion is that I think term limitations are a good thing, but it also can be a bad thing. Keep reading to find out the reasons that support my opinion.

A term limit is a legal restriction that limits the number of terms an officeholder may serve in a particular elected office. When term limits are found in presidential and semi-presidential systems they act as a method to curb the potential for monopoly, where a leader effectively becomes "president for life". Sometimes, there is an absolute limit on the number of terms an officeholder can serve, while, in other cases, the restrictions are merely on the number of consecutive terms.

The reasons why term limitations is a bad idea is because, it limits the choices of people the public has to vote for. If you have a really good public servant and you want to keep him, you can't. You have to get rid of the good candidate and replace him with someone who's inexperienced. By having term limits, we are eliminating the people who have wisdom and experience from political life. Like any job, it takes years to be good at what you do. About the time our elected officials have become good public servants, we're required to throw them out.

The reasons why term limitations is a good thing is because, term limits ensure that politicians do not become corrupted by power. Representatives who spend too many years in office, living in the national capital far from their constituents and surrounded by lobbyists and party managers, easily become part of a professional governing class, remote from the concerns of normal people. Term limits would recreate a class of citizen-legislators, who see politics as a brief chance to make their country better, rather than as a long-term comfortable career for themselves. It also keeps the composition of the court fairly stable.

So as you can see, term limitations could be a good thing and a bad thing. Also, term limits can change the lives of American citizens. So, do you think there should be term limitations for every elected government officials? Your opinion is your opinion; nobody’s opinion is right or wrong.

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