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• J.P. Morgan – Michael Quinn, Managing Director, Global Trade Product Management Executive • Qatar National Bank – Imre Gorzsas, Assistant General Manager, Transaction Banking • Moderator: IFC – Bilge Ozisik, Global Head, Trade Operations

Trade business evolution

• • •
Source: BCG workshop with SWIFT, June 2012

Cross-border trade has more than tripled since the 1980’s Trade is expected to grow by on average 8.7% a year until 2020 Revenue pools are expected to grow by 80% New trade partners: intra-region and South-toSouth corridors (Asia to Latam, Africa)

• • •

Year on year increase in payment volumes (albeit global macro economic conditions) Trade volumes have remained low or flat over the years +80% trade are on Open Account transactions

How can banks take advantage of the trade growth opportunity?

Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) – Alternative instrument for trade settlement
• A BPO is an irrevocable undertaking given by a bank to another bank that payment will be made on a specified date after successful electronic matching of data according to an industry-wide set of rules.
Therefore, a BPO offers: » An assurance of payment » Risk mitigation for all parties » Possible use as collateral for finance

An alternative instrument for trade settlement

BPO flows for data, documents and goods

Delivery of goods Use minimum fields

4 Carriers 1 8
Purchase order Invoice and shipping documents


Documents sent directly to the client



Request BPO based on PO

Trade Matching Application (TMA)
Established BPO is due baseline TSU engine TSU engine


Confirm BPO

Transport and invoice data (match report) 6

BPO Obligor Bank

BPO Recipient Bank

5 7

Transport and invoice data Confirm payment

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