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City of Malolos Bulacan


Case: Enterprise Evaluation (The case was taken from the book, Decision making and Business Policy Formulation written by Dr. Ricardo C. Santos, Ph.D.)

The case is about a Subdivision project for a low cost housing which was established by an individual under the name of Enrico B. Benemerito. He founded ENRICO B. BENEMERITO MARKETING as a sole or single proprietorship and registered it with the Department of Trade and Industry. He started his real estate business in Tambubong, San Rafael, Bulacan with 22,500 sq.m. or an equivalent of two hectares of land owned by Mr. Francisco Iral. The agreement was to develop it into low cost housing with the compromise that the tenant will receive a certain portion of the land as his share. Enrico applied at the Housing and Urban Land Regulatory Board or HLURB, then DENR for the propose low cost housing. Finally, he submitted his documents at the Registry of Deeds for the application for the individual or separate land Titles for the Subdivision and as a proof of ownership the titles was registered under the name of Sps. Enrico B. Benemerito and Carmen M. Benemerito. He named the site as Villa Verde Subdivision and with the successful turnout of his real estate project, he builds his residential home using the money from the sale of the subdivision. He decided to expand his business seeing opportunities in front of him, he settled for a commercial loan with Real Savings and Thrift Bank using those Titles issued to him by the Registry of Deeds as his collateral for the five million peso loan (P 5,000,000.00). since he has additional capital to further his business dealings in real estate, he pursued another parcel of land to be developed at Banga 2nd in Plaridel, Bulacan and had a Memorandum of Agreement or MOA with the representative of heirs of Federico Joson under the name of Nemesio Joson. There are 13 mother titles in the said land and generated 75 new titles in the proposed subdivision which was issued under their name.

He used the same strategy with his previous land development and he re-applied for an additional loan with the same bank. The loan was an additional loan to the previous one and it was granted mainly because it is a guaranteed loan with collateral and there will be an indemnity insurance to be charge by the bank. He then received an additional loan of two (2 M) million pesos.

With Enrico’s success and progress in real estate industry, the wonder of life has taken its course. Enrico’s fate has been judged, after a night of meetings and consultations, on his way home, he was hit by a razing passenger bus along DRT hi-way. He died due to severe head impact and injury.

Due to his untimely death, his wife Carmen Benemerito had been confronted with reality that she has to settle their bank obligations and the various expenses of her husband’s accident and funeral. She hired a lawyer to defend her on cases filed by lot buyers of the Tambubong property and demanded for the release of the titles since amortization was already fully paid. He appealed to the court to allow her to sell some of the conjugal property to settle her husband’s obligation with the bank and with the lot buyers. Her request was granted and eventually found a buyer for the 5 parcels of land including their house and lot for the amount of 1.4 million pesos.

A deed of sale was then issued for RODGI LENDING Enterprise owned by spouses Roderick and Marie Fernandez. While in the process of transferring the titles, to their partnership name, they couldn’t transact using their partnership name and they requested the seller Carmen Benemerito to issue another Deed of Sale for spouses Roderick and Marie Fernandez. The check of one (1) million pesos is still pending with the buyers since they claimed that they paid for the expenses of the transfer and the lawyer who assisted them. The buyers even filed for a case against the seller. While facing her struggles with these circumstances, the Plaridel property has a problem as well. The sister of Nemesio, Carmen, the family would like to have a refund and would like to return the ownership to the Joson’s. and during the time of arrangement with the Joson’s, the widow then discovered that there was a pending case for the Joson’s property filed in Plaridel MTC prior to the MOA signed by Enrico and Nemesio.

The widow of Mr. Benemerito and Nemesio’s sister, Carmen Joson seeked the assistance of a well versed and knowledgeable consultant to address the situation and the problems associated with it.

Format of Case Analysis

Title Page
Table of Contents I. Executive Summary II. Problems of the Case (identify the main problem and the sub-problem of the case) III. Facts of the Case (factual information that supports the problems enumerated) IV. Conclusion (based on your analysis, how are you going to evaluate the situation) V. Alternative Courses of Action (solution or recommendations to solve the problems you have enumerated) VI. References used in analyzing the case

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