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Term Paper on Business Strategy of a Mnc Pharma in Bangladesh

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Business Strategy of Sandoz Bangladesh

Term Paper on Business Strategy of Sandoz Bangladesh

Submitted to
Professor A K M Saiful Majid Course Instructor, Business Strategy (W650)

Submitted by
M Nakibur Rahman, Batch: 43D, Roll# 55 Wazedur Rahman, Batch: 46D, Roll# 143

Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka

13 June 2013

Dr. A K M Saiful Majid Professor Institute of Business Administration University of Dhaka

Dear Sir: We are pleased to submit our term paper on “Business Strategy of Sandoz Bangladesh” as per your kind guidance and instructions to fulfill the course requirements. Working for the paper had been of great learning experience for us. This project gave us the opportunity to analyze a real life sector that we could relate with the theoretical issues studied in the Business Strategy course. We are open to your queries and feedback regarding this report.

Yours truly,

Mohammad Nakibur Rahman Roll: 55, Batch: 43D

Wazedur Rahman Roll: 143, Batch: 46D


Table of Contents Executive Summary ....................................................................... iii 1. Introduction ............................................................................. 1
1.1 1.2 Objective ................................................................................................................................. 1 Scope ....................................................................................................................................... 1

1.3 Company Overview ....................................................................................................................... 1 1.4 Industry Overview ................................................................................................................... 2

2. Methodology...

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