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July28, 2012
Rezaul Karim
Department of Finance and Banking
Carmichael College, Rangpur

Subject: Submission of Assignment on “ Service rendering quality of Grameenphone ”

Dear Sir,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the guidance and support you have provided me during the course of this report. Without your help, this report would have been impossible to complete. With deep gratitude, I also acknowledge the help provided by Mr. Shariful Huq, Customer Development Manager Grameen phone Ltd.

To prepare the report I collected what I believe to be most relevant information to make my report as analytical and reliable as possible. I have concentrated my best effort to achieve the objectives of the report and hope that my endeavor will serve the purpose. The practical knowledge and experience gathered during report preparation will immeasurably help in my future professional life. I request you to excuse me for any mistake that may occur in the report despite of our best effort.

I would really appreciate it you enlighten me with your thoughts and views regarding the report. Also, if you wish to enquire about an aspect of my report, I would gladly answer your queries.
Thank you again for your support and patience.

Yours Sincerely
Md. Saju Eslam
Roll No: 8368435
Reg. No: Session: 2012-2013
BBA (Hon’s) 2nd Year
Department of Finance and Banking
Carmichael College, Rangpur


All praise to Allah, the almighty, and the merciful. Without his blessing and endorsement this report would not have been accomplished.

The successful completion of this report might never be possible in time without the help some person whose inspiration and suggestion made it happen. First of all I want to thank my honorable teacher Ishtiaque Arif for helping me completing my report on “Assessment of Communication” in the context of Grameen phone.

I would also like to thank Mr. Shariful Huq, customer development manager at Grameen Phone, and my friend who helped me by providing informative instructions. Without them this project would have been very difficult.

And finally I also express my sincere gratitude to all those who participated to prepare the report. They were busy employee of GrameenPhone.

Executive Summary
GRAMEENPHONE which is the leading telecommunication services provider in the country with more than 46.04 million subscribers. Grameenphone has been recognized for building a quality network with the widest coverage across the country while offering innovative products and services and committed after sales service.Grameenphone was the first company to introduce GSM technology in Bangladesh. It commercially launches 3G service recently.
GrameenPhone Ltd (GP) is a fast growing mobile telecommunication. Considering the importance of customer satisfaction, this project was designed to assess the satisfaction level of GP’s subscribers. It is generally recognized that, although GrameenPhone is leading the market of mobile telecommunication industry, its customer’s are not fully satisfied with their services. GrameenPhone has some additional features in comparison to its competitors. It is playing a vital role to increase the subscribers of GrameenPhone. Another important thing is that GP users are mostly satisfied with the initial price of GP connections and handsets. Because, before GP’s introduction to the market, mobile phones were totally out of reach to the major part of the current market. Significant dissatisfactions were observed in the factors like quality of air time and network availability, service of helpline, service of info centers, high billing rate, and so on. Customer satisfaction was observed in the areas like initial price, wide network etc. Most importantly, a significant portion of the GP subscribers were found not fully loyal toward the company.
Following those recommendations, GrameenPhone can eliminate the dissatisfactions and thus earn a sustainable distinct competitive advantage to continue their market leadership  GP should earn flexibility to be able to reduce the bill. Currently it should take into account that others are offering lower price packages.
 Capacity of the helpline should be increased in the peak hours.
 The customers should be made aware of the waiting charges they are to pay to be in queue in getting the services from the call center.
 To improve the load on the network, the existing capacity should be improve to fulfill the need of the customers.
 The customers face difficulties in payment of bill on bank holidays. It would be convent for them to introduce payments card.
 The customers are made happy if they receive greetings message on special occasions.
 Network development should be steady; GP should never sell connections in excess to its capacity.
 Capacity of the GrameenPhone Center (GPC) should be increased to reduce the stress of the subscribers.
 Different programs should be taken to educate the subscribers regarding different essential features of mobile phone.

Grameenphone, Bangladesh:
Grameenphone is the largest mobile provider in Bangladesh.
Grameenphone offers core voice services and a number of value-added services on both a contract and prepaid basis.
Key facts
• The largest of six mobile operators in the country
• Offers core voice services and a number of value-added services on both a contract and prepaid basis
• 53.129 million mobile subscriptions (Q2 2015)
• 4234 employees (Q2 2015)
• Total revenues of NOK 8.367 million (2014)
• Monthly Mobile ARPU: NOK 16 (Q2 2015)
• Telenor holds a 55.8 % ownership interest in Grameenphone (as of 31 March 2011)
• Grameenphone is listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) Ltd. and the Chittagong Stock Exchange (CSE) Ltd
• Headquarters are located in Dhaka

Chapter 1

GRAMEENPHONE is a dynamic and leading countrywide GSM communication solutions provider. It is a joint venture company between Telenor(55.8%) and Grameen Telecom(34.2%). Grameenphone Ltd., the largest telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh, received its operating license in November 1996 and started its service from March 26, 1997. Now, after 15years of successful operations, Grameenphone is the largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh, with more than 46.04 million subscribers as of September 2013. In this research, we want to know the customer perception, satisfaction of the service quality of GRAMEENPHONE.

Quickly after its inception in 1997, GP established itself as the leading mobile operator in the country by providing superior coverage and better network quality perception than its competitors OP plans to introduce mobile banking services in the country once the regulations are in place. If we want to make a chronology then it may look like this: November 28, 1996: Grameenphone Ltd. received cellular license by the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications of Bangladesh.
March 26, 1997: Grameenphone launched its service on the Independence Day of Bangladesh.
June 1998: Grameenphone started its services in Chittagong, the second largest city and the port city of Bangladesh. Cell to cell coverage between Dhaka-Chittagong was established. 1999: Grameenphone started its service in Khulna, the industrial city of Bangladesh. Also cell to cell coverage between Dhaka and Khulna brought a number of other districts under coverage. 2000: Grameenphone started its services in Rajshahi, the education city of Bangladesh. Service also started in Sylhet and Barisal and thus all six divisional headquarters got the cellular network coverage for the first time Bangladesh.
August 2003: Grameenphone's subscribes base has become more than one million. Grameenphone became the first operator in the country to reach the million subscribers. November 2005: Grameenphone registered more than 5 million subscribers.
November 5, 2006: Grameenphone crosses the 10 million subscriber mark after almost ten years of operation. September 20, 2007: Grameenphone reaches 15 million subscribers mark. June 2008: Grameenphone reaches 20 million subscribers landmark. January 2013: Grameenphone Successfully Deploys Oracle Communications Network Resource Management Solution to Transform Inventory Operations.
September 8, 2013: Grameenphone gets 10MHz spectrum for 3G service October 8, 2013: Grameenphone commercially launches 3G service.

Key Figures for grameenphone:
(NOK in millions) 2nd quarter 1st half year Year 2015 2014 2015 2014 2014
(NOK in millions)
Subscription and traffic 2.219 1.715 4.350 3.389 7.104
Interconnect revenues 276 212 540 413 865
Other mobile revenues 12 9 26 16 36
Non-mobile revenues 123 89 230 168 361
Total revenues 2.630 2.025 5.146 3.986 8.367
EBITDA before other items 1.417 1.094 2.780 2.146 4.434
Operating profit 945 781 1.900 1.506 3.000
EBITDA before other items/Total revenues (%) 53.9 54.0 54.0 53.8 53.0
Capex 638 285 1.008 502 1.232
No. of subscriptions - Change in quarter/Total (in thousands): 1.123 550 53.129 49.233 51.504
ARPU - monthly (NOK) 16 13 16 13 13
Exchange rate (BDT) 0.0997 0.0778 0.0813

GrameenPhone profile:
The company has so far invested more than BDT 15,260 crore to build the network infrastructure since its inception in 1997. Grameenphone is also one the largest taxpayers in the country, having contributed more than BDT 16,600 crore in direct and indirect taxes to the Government Exchequer over the years. Since its inception in March 1997, Grameenphone has built the largest cellular network in the country with over 12,000 base stations in more than 6000 locations. Presently, nearly 98 percent of the country’s population is within the coverage area of the Grameenphone network. Grameenphone was also the first operator to introduce the pre-paid service in September 1999. Grameenphone commercially launches 3G service in 2013. It established the first 24-hour CallCenter, introduced value-added services such as VMS, SMS, fax and data transmission services, international roaming service, WAP, SMS-based push-pull services, 3G, personal ring back tone and many other products and services. Grameenphone nearly doubled its subscriber base during the initial years while the growth was much faster during the later years. It ended the inaugural year with 18,000 customers, 30,000 by the end of 1998, 60, 000 in 1999, 193,000 in 2000, 471,000 in 2001, 775,000 in 2002, 1.16 million in 2003, 2.4 million in 2004, 5.5 million in 2005, 11.3 million in 2006, 16.5 million in 2007, 20 million in 2008,IN 2009 with 23.26 million customers, 29.97 million in 2010, that increased to 36.5 million in 2011, 40.20 million in 2012 and in the current year it is 44 million.From the very beginning, Grameenphone placed emphasis on providing good after-sales services. In recent years, the focus has been to provide after-sales within a short distance from where the customers live. There are now more than 700 GP Service Desks across the country covering nearly all upazilas of 64 districts. In addition, there are 81Grameenphone Centers in all the divisional cities and they remain open from 8am- 7pm every day including all holidays. In addition, the Village Phone Program, also started in 1997, provides a good income-earning opportunity to more than 210,000 mostly women Village Phone operators living in rural areas. The Village Phone Program is a unique initiative to provide universal access to telecommunications service in remote, rural areas. Grameenphone considers its employees to be one of its most important assets. GP has an extensive employee benefit scheme in place including Gratuity, Provident Fund, Group Insurance, Family Health Insurance, Transportation Facility, Day Care Centre, Children’s Education Support, Higher Education Support for employees, in-house medical support and other initiatives. GrameenPhone launched its services in Bangladesh on 26 March 1997, the Independence Day of Bangladesh. The service of the company has spread in all over Bangladesh and in foreign countries through 300 international roaming partner operators.

Shareholder Profiles:
Telenor-Ownership: 55.80%million mobile subscribers worldwide World's seventh largest mobile service provider in terms of subscribers Have operations in 13 countries Strong subscription growth, particularly in Asian operations Named the sector leader in mobile telecommunications by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (in which year).Revenues 2009: USD 17.15 bn Workforce 2009: 40000Listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange and headquartered in Norway Telenor AS is the leading telecommunications company of Norway listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange with a market capitalization of USD 9.0 bn as of November 12, 2008.In addition to Norway and Bangladesh, Telenor has interests in mobile telephony companies in Sweden, Denmark, Hungary Russia, Ukraine,Montenegro, Thailand, Malaysia. Pakistan and Serbia with more than 150 million mobile subscribers worldwide as of September 30, 2008 Grameen Telecom-Ownership: 34.2% Grameen Telecom is a nonprofit company affiliated with Noble award winning Grameen BankOperates "Village Phone" program to over 297,079 (Q2. 2010) rural. Head quartered in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Grameen Telecom ("GTC') is a not-for-profit company in Bangladesh, working in collaboration with Grameen Bank, winner of the Noble Peace Prize in 2006, along with Professor Muhammad Yunus. GE's mandate is to provide, easy access to GSM cellular services in rural Bangladesh and create new opportunities for income generation through self-employment by providing villagers, mostly poor, rural women, with access to modern information and communication-based technologies.

Chapter 2
Management Structure

Ownership Structure: The shareholders of Grameenphone contribute their unique, in-depth experience in both telecommunications and development. It is a joint venture enterprise between Telenor (55.8%), the largest telecommunications service provider in Norway with mobile phone operations in 12 other countries, and Grameen Telecom Corporation (34.2% ), a non-profit sister concern of the internationally acclaimed micro-credit pioneer Grameen Bank. The other 10% shares belong to general retail and institutional investors. The technological know-how and managerial expertise of Telenor has been instrumental in setting up such aninternational standard mobile phone operation in Bangladesh. Being one of the pioneers in developing the GSM service in Europe, Telenor has also helped to transfer this knowledge to the local employees over the year.

Management Organ gram:

Management Profile:
 Quazi Mohammad Shahed CHRO Joing Date: November1, 2011
 Allan Bonke CMO Joining Date: August 5, 2012
 ArnfinnGroven CPO Joining Date: January 19, 2009
 KaziMonirulKabir CCO Joining Date: September 1, 2009
 Mahmud Hossain CCAO Joining Date: March 8, 2010
 Mr. FridtjofRusten CFO Joining Date: May 1, 2012
 Tanveer Mohammad CTO Joining Date: July 1, 2010
 VivekSood CEO Joining Date: 7 January, 2012
GrameenPhone Ltd. has approximately 6000 employees working at different levels of organizational hierarchy. There are 9 functional departments engaged in managing these employees‐ with the aim to meet organizational objectives. At GrameenPhone the Managing Director is assisted by 9 Senior Executives who are heading different departments in the strategic decision making process. The departmental names of GrameenPhone are given below:

 Corporate Affairs Division
 Customer Service Division
 Finance Division
 Human Resource Division
 Information Technology Division
 Internal Audit Division
 Internal Control Office Division
 Marketing Division
 Public Relation Division
 Sales Division
 Network Division

GrameenPhone follows a 3‐layer management philosophy in Bangladesh. These are Directors, Managers and Officers. The CEO is the top most authority of all the levels. Directors are the departmental heads that are responsible for the activities of their departments. Managers have the authority next to directors. These two layers represent the management level of GrameenPhone.
We’re here to help (This vision crystallizes customer focus as the cornerstone of everything they do: helping customers get the full benefit of communications in their daily life. Its official slogan “Go Beyond…” Mission:
The vision will be achieved by Connecting Bangladesh with ease and care Being user-friendly Providing value for money Providing simple and timely connections Having a right and understandable process.
Make it Easy; Keep Promises, Be Inspiring, and Be Respectful We're practical. We don't over complicate things. Everything we produce should be easy to understand and use. No waste. No jargon. Because we never forget we're trying to make customers' lives easier.
For our customers, making it easy will be addressing some very fundamental customer needs. They need simplicity. Solutions and services that are easy to buy, easy to use and are built to meet their needs.Solutions and services that work well.Everything we set out to do should work, or if you don't get it, we're here to help. We're about delivery, not over promising - actions not words. For our customers, this will mean they can build trust in us. The solution or service works - if not, we are there to make it work. They need us to deliver on time, to expected levels of quality, and at a fair price. They need us to be strong on action, not on fine words! For employees everywhere, this means... We follow through. We never launch something new before it works as it should work. We arrive on time and we deliver on time. We commit to concrete, realistic promises to our customers - and deliver on our promises. We strive to bring energy into the things we do. Everything we produce should look good, modern and fresh. We are passionate about our business and customers.We acknowledge and respect local cultures. We do not impose one formula worldwide. We want to be a part of local communities wherever we operate
Numbers of employees: GrameenPhone has a total of 5000 employees along with many students and other interns who work at GP’s call centers. Geographic locations:
The Head office situated at Basundhara R/A in Dhaka. A Grameen phone center (GPC) provides as a “one stop solution” for customers, with all telecommunication products and services under a single roof. A GrameenPhone center also sells phone from dealers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sagem. 3G modem and accessories such chargers and headphones are also sold at GPCs.There are 76 GPCs and they are strategically located at all major locations of the country is operated by GP. Most of the newly opened GPCs are franchised outlets are in non- metropolitan areas. The GPCs also provide the flexi-load service without charging extra for small denominations unlike many retailers in the country.Thus making the GPCs and ideal place for many service. Every once a while, the GPCs tie up with handset manufactures and start a nationwide marketing scheme by selling the specific vendors products at a price lower than the markets or in bundle with a GP connection loaded with free minutes.

Chapter 3
Ethical policies

Codes of Conduct: GP has adopted Code of Conduct (“Code”) approved by the Board of Directors, which reflects GP’s core values, integrity, respect, trust and openness. It provides clear direction on conducting business, interacting with the community, government, business partners and general workplace behavior. It also includes guidance on disclosure of conflict of interest situations, maintaining confidentiality and disclosure of information, good international practices and internal control and the duty to report where there is a breach against the Code. The Codes are properly communicated to all the employees including its Board members and others acting on behalf, who are strictly required to abide by it. All of them have certified in writing that they have read and understood the Codes.

Restrictions on dealings in GP Shares by Insiders: The Company has established a detailed policy relating to trading of GP shares by Directors, Employees and other Insiders. The securities laws also impose restrictions on similar transactions. All the Insiders are prohibited from trading in the GP shares, while in possession of unpublished price sensitive information in relation to the Company during prescribed restricted trading period. Directors and Employees are also required to notify their intention to trade in the GP shares prior to initiating the same.

Supplier Conduct Principles: The Supplier Conduct Principles (“SCP”) outline the standards for ethical and business conduct expected for suppliers and contractors in their relationship with the Company. The SCP are binding on the Company’s suppliers through the confirmation and signing of the Agreement on Responsible Business Conduct to ensure high standards of business ethics amongst all suppliers of the Company.
Main Objective:
Within the direction from the CEO of GrameenPhone, the Head of HR shall ensure that the HR function within GrameenPhone at all times is aligned with and supports the realization of GrameenPhone’s business objectives. The Head of HR shall optimize the human resources in GrameenPhone through individual performance management and organizational development, as well as nurturing a culture supporting the realization of the vision and values. In order to achieve this, leadership excellence is a key focus area for HR. The units in HR Division include:
 HR Operations
 Recruitment & Selection
 HR Development;
 Health safety & environment
 Expatriate and travel support

HOTLINE SERVICE: “GP Service Month” from March 1 , to further improve the delivery of after-sales services Enjoy prioritized customer service by simply dialing121. Dedicated customers care managers are available round the clock, 24 hours A day and 7 days a week only to serve you better. Business Solutions postpaid subscriber can call 121 absolutely free of cost. Customer Management Centering an effort to provide after sales services closer to where the customers live, more than 8000 GP Service Desks have been opened around the country, located in all upazila in the 61 districts where the GrameenPhone network has coverage. These GP Service Desks are equipped to provide most of the after sales services and are open from 10am - 6pm on all weekdays. In addition, all the 600 GP customer Centers located in the divisional cities now remain open from 8am – 8pm everyday including all holidaysSome kinds of indirect method are also given below:
# Advertisement on television
# Advertisement on bill board
# Advertisement on newspaper
.# Advertisement on internet.

Chapter 4
Human Resource policy

Recruitment: Recruitment and selection refers to the chain and sequence of activities pertaining to recruitment and selection of employable candidates and job seekers for an organization. Every enterprise, business, start-up and entrepreneurial firm has some well-defined employment and recruitment policies and hiring procedures. The human resources department of large organizations, businesses, government offices and multilateral organizations are generally vested with the responsibilities of employee recruitment and selection Recruitment involves the utilization of organizational practices to influence the number and types of individuals who are willing to apply for job vacancies (Rynes, 1991; Rynes& Cable, 2003). Recruitment can focus on the internal labor market (i.e., pursuing staff already employed by the organization) or the external labor market (i.e., pursuing applicants from outside the organization). Internal candidates can be recruited through internal job postings, word-of-mouth, or internship programs."

GP Recruitment process:

Promotions: Grameenphone Ltd provides ample opportunities growth. Promotion is based both on seniority and performance. The performance of each employee is reviewed every 6 months and the employee’s worth in the company depends on that. The employee’s designation in the first two years is completely time dependent. However, the employees at the same level can be paid more or less depending on his performance.
This planning is aligned with the business need forecast, overall organizational growth matrix, structure and direction and is done in yearly basis R& EB (The Resourcing & employee branding) department coordinates and evaluates people planning process that eventually approved by board considering the factors:-

 Potential/ expected workload and expertise requirements.
 Optimum and effective utilization of the HRM for the entire company, both current and future requirements.
 Possibilities for greater efficiency through reorganization and automation (use of tools &facilities) and making necessary adjustment.
 Employee turnover/employee mobility.
 New business initiatives and project s that require new competence and additionalresources.  Government legislationHuman resources planning, budgeting and necessary approvals should be taken in the beginningof the year to ensure timely co-ordination and implementation.

Job satisfactions: Employee benefits: The company maintains both defined contribution plan and defined benefit plan for its eligible permanent employees.
1.Defined contribution plan (provident fund) The company contributes 10% of basic salary of all eligible permanent employees to a provident fund (defined contribution plan) constituted under an irrevocable trust, while the employees also contribute an equal amount to the fund as per the rules of the trust deed 2. Defined benefit plan (gratuity) The company provides retirement benefit in the form of gratuity payments determined by reference to employees' earnings and years of service to each eligible employees at the time of retirement/separation. Gratuity obligation at the reporting date is measured on the basis of actuary valuation. 3. Short term employee benefits
Short term employee benefits include salary, bonuses, leave encashment. Obligations for such benefits are measured on an undiscounted basis and are expensed as the related service is provided.

Employee Motivation: Performance Bonuses: Performance bonuses are given on the basis of performance in a given year. This happens after the yearly appraisal. The reviewer (usually the immediate boss) notes down the performance of the employee on a given set of characteristics and sends it to the MD. The MD then takes the decision on the performance bonus. However, all decisions regarding performance bonuses by the MD needs to be approved by the board of governors. Profit Sharing: The most significant employee benefit offered by Grameenphone Ltd is profit sharing. The profit sharing takes place once a year, July. Only the senior employees who are around two or more years get 20% share of the profit earned. Out of this 20% profit, 75% is distributed in terms of seniority and designation and the rest 25% is distributed on performance in that period. Yearly Picnic/Tours: Grameenphone Ltd bears the expense of one tour/picnic per year for each employee. The company covers all transport, hotel and food expenses. This usually refreshes the employees a lot and makes room for them to interact and know each other better.

Reward: This reward system does not have any fixed criteria. This is basically an additional reward system, which provides financial incentives to employees for extraordinary performance in any area of their job. Services Benefit: Grameenphone Ltd. has a number of service benefits which is typically not found in other companies. Among the benefits, there are flexible working hour; one can start their office on 8am in the morning and leave by 4pm. Another one is providing transport or transport bills while attending a client meeting. Festival Bonus: The company started payment of festival bonus to the management staff from the year 2000.

Chapter 5
20% Bonus in January Under this offer Subscribers will get Bonus based on their voice usage targets (in minutes), where subscribers will get 20% Bonus. To register for this campaign subscribers need to dial *999*1# by 20th December for free. An SMS will be sent from GP to avail the offer and to check and know their [...]
Category: GrameenPhone Services
Best Plans from Grameenphone prepaid 10sec pulse Packages
24hr akrate lagle Nischinto 1fnf +other operatore kom rate lagle Amontron beshi fnf lagle Bondhu Nischinto 10 Sec Pulse Any number 24hour 15paisa/10sec(90paisa/min) Migrate: Type “N” send to 4444 Amontron Package 10 second pulse GP – Other operators (24 hours): BDT 0.66/ minute GP- GP (24 hours): BDT 1.20/minute 10 second pulse To Migrate Type [...]
Grameenphone "Bondhu" Now 15 FNF in total 1 Super FnF (GP-GP) & 14 FnF numbers (GP-GP & GP-Others)Gp-Other 1.50tk/min Gp-Gp 1.50tk/min Other fnf 0.60tk/min Gp fnf 0.60tk/min Super fnf 0.30tk/min *15% vat applicable To Migrate to bondhu “B” and send to 4444 or dial *111*44*1# (free) ADD Super F&F : Type “SF 017xxxxxxxx” and send to 2888 Add F&F number, type
GP 3G Modem is at BDT 1995 with 1GB Internet at BDT 150 only!
Modem Price & Additional Features BDT 1,995 with two years extended warranty; available nationwide in Grameenphone centers & retail outlets Micro SD Card Reader supports up to 32GB Simple Installation – Plug and Play, Preloaded GP Internet Settings, Recharge through Scratch Card & Internet Package Activation options Supports SMS & USSD Service Compatible with HSUPA/HSDPA/UMTS/EDGE/GPRS/GSM [...]
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Grameenphone Talk More to get More!
Grameenphone brings a very attractive offer for all its Prepaid Customers! Under this offer, the valued GP prepaid customers can enjoy 100% instant bonus talktime everyday. Here customers will get a daily target on local voice call usage. After meeting the daily usage target, the customer will get 100% GP-GP instant talktime bonus on every [...]

Grameenphone introduces Private Recharge! [Useful for girls]
Now, use a PIN instead of your mobile number so that you can keep your mobile number private! To get your PIN, SMS RPC to 5252 (no SMS charge applicable). You will get your PIN by a return SMS.
Grameenphone Reactivation Offer
Grameenphone Ltd. has launched a promotional offer for its valuable customers who are currently sitting silent & away from our network! Under this campaign, all GP pre-paid (Shohoj, Bondhu, Aapon, Amontron, Smile, Spondon, Business Solutions (1, 2, 3, Shofol) prepaid, Ekota prepaid (1, 2), Nishchinto, VP prepaid, GPPP Pre-Paid, Djuice prepaid, Prepaid Internet SIM) customers [...]
Grameenphone Discount with International SMS!
3 SMS BDT 3 Validity 1day “Start ISMS 1″ send to 3040 5 SMS BDT 7.5 Validity 3day “Start ISMS 2″ send to 3040 *15% VAT applicable on top of bundle price * To opt-out of the bundle/offer, customers need to send” Stop ISMS” to 3040. Balance Check Prepaid *566*12# (free). Postpaid “Check ISMS” to [...]
Grameenphone 3G: Maximus max907 3G handset – BDT 4,850
To make this festive season more colorful Grameenphone has brought Maximus max907 – a 3G enabled handset for the customers. This 3G handset will give you the best 3G experience at an affordable price. The OfferMaximus max907 3G handset comes with latest features and 3G Data Pack (1GB X 2 times @ 512KBPS) absolutely FREE! [...]
Grameenphone is offering 100 GP-GP SMS at BDT 5
Dial *111*10*6# or send SMS by typing the keyword “START SMS” and send the SMS to 9999. *Validity of the SMS bundle will be 3 days *Check the balance of the SMS dial *566*2# (free)

General Purposes:
Tariff ‘GP’

1. Scope of tariff
2. General conditions
3. Royalty rates
3.1 Featured music
3.1.1 Live music (expenditure £14,625 or more)
3.1.2 Live music (expenditure less than £14,625)
3.1.3 Live music (no expenditure)
3.1.4 Discotheques, karaoke, music quizzes & other featured recorded music
3.1.5 Live music (expenditure £14,625 or more) with featured recorded music
3.1.6 Broadcast or televised events
3.1.7 Occasional and spontaneous piano or organ performances by customers
3.1.8 Busking
3.1.9 Video or cinema shows in a room with special seating arrangements
3.1.10 Short educational or training films/videos
3.1.11 Aerobic, keep fit, dancing classes
3.1.12 Workshops demonstrations and other tuition classes
3.1.13 Background music at sports events or at bingo sessions
3.1.14 Music integral to an artistic work
3.2 Indoor exhibitions, trade and fashion shows, etc.
3.3 Jukeboxes
3.4 Interactive merchandising (product selection) machines
3.5 Amusement machines (computer, video & other)
3.6 Background music in refreshment rooms, bars, cafeterias and similar places where seating is not provided
3.6.1 Refreshment room area greater than 120 square metres
3.6.2 Refreshment room area up to 120 square metres
3.7 Background music in lounges, bars, restaurants, dining rooms and similar rooms where seating is provided for all occupants
3.8 Background music in corridors, foyers, and other circulating & miscellaneous areas.

General queries for EDGE and Blackberry:

Problem: Service not active or some other problem on the GSM network side.
My Job: When service not active or some other problem on the GSM network side I requested to our valued subscriber to
 Restart PC and handset.
 Make sure GPRS service is active.
 Subscriber may have improper GPRS setting (incorrect or absent APN) and/or subscriber use username and password.
Problem: Bad Gateway
When subscriber complains to me that when he/she browses internet it shows bad gateway at his/her handset. What is this?
My Job: I can tell to our subscriber to login “” or manually type any other WAP site address and try to login because all hand sets are not capable to access in all kind of wap site. Most of the times i get this prompt in Siemens, Samsung, and Philips set.
Problem: Link not available
When subscriber complains to me that when he/she browses internet it shows Link not available at his/her handset. What is this? My Job: I request the subscriber to refresh the site or click “Retry” to refresh.

Problem: Network fail/not available
When subscriber complained to me that when he/she browses internet it shows Network fail/not available at his/her handset. What is this?
My Job: When the network gets is not responding, I tell our subscriber to try later or to switch off and on the handset and retry.

Problem: Internet service not available
When subscriber complains to me that when he/she browses internet it shows Internet service not available at his/her handset. What is this? My Job: I request to valued customer to go to connectivity and then give tick to GPRS.

Relationship & evaluation process with the Supervisor:
I found opportunity to identify the dissatisfaction reasons, strong points and improvement areas for business solution products according to the 121hotline service. I asked to give feedbacks to my respective supervisors according to the customer’s quarries and services. The feedback that I gave to my supervisor is presented below:
• High SIM price.
• High call rate.
• Poor customer service in GP centers.
• Employees of 121 and GPC are not well skilled for Business solution products.
• Taking long time to reach the CM in hotline and GPC.
• Poor Follow up.
• Cost for waiting time in hotline and didn’t resolve the problem.
• The Speech Menu in hotline.
• Limited Facilities Compared to other operators.
• General Dissatisfaction with GP.
• Complain hotline is not effective
• VOCM (Voice of Customer Management) dept. is not properly creating GPTTS within 72hrs.
• Customer manager did not maintain proper follow up sales rules and guideline
• High product and service price of EDGE packages and Blackberry services
• Poor network at boarder area e.g. Sylhet, Jessore, Feni.
• SMS based solution is not available for any complain
• Online CM is not available after 12 A.M.
• Roaming bill adjustment problem

 is not properly work aligned with GP-CS
 There is huge stress for a human agent to serve continuous 6hrs (PT) and 9hrs (FT)
 There is huge call pressure so CM does mistake sometimes, when it is complain issue the team leader and VOCM will take care of it but adjustment issue comes later.
 Due to system fault postpaid Bar/Unbar problem is corporate customer call to 121, CM does it manually, it create huge call pressure
 Due to Unplanned (unapproved) leave and sick leave of CM, make 121 huge call pressures.
 Bill and EDGE adjustment verification process is very complex.

Recommendation After all the analysis and the findings about Grameenphone, my recommendations are given below: Network Availability: Sometimes poor network is the vital problem for the subscribers due to some planned works. So it should be solved technically to ensure the users to enjoy full fledge of networks. If GP is having lack of technical equipment or technical hands they should immediately fulfilled the desired necessity. Charge: Grameenphone provides less facility for the subscribers. It should charge the users the least amount as its intention should be in long run, economies of scale.
Hotline: GP should train its customer relation people well enough to solve the problems customers on the hotline. Call waiting time should be minimized. Also number of customer relation employees should be increased in relation to increase in sales.
Availability of Connection: Sometimes users’ dissatisfaction arises due to unavailability of connection facility, because no one usually can get connected at once while there is some planned work or technical up gradation. This problem should be immediately solved to increase customer satisfaction.
Others: - Other problems like unavailability of Pre-Paid cards should be resolved. - GP can add disaster SMS for the customer.
- The company should efficient courier services to reach the bill to the right customer as soon as possible.
- Number of BTS station needs to increase to increase the capacity.
- Credit Control system should be improved

The main focus of the recommendations is to overcome the problems that GP faced in business- I recommend the following action plans for GP to develop further by reducing the problems:
Reduce charge:
• Increase subscribers’ number- GP should increase the subscriber number until market saturation of addressable market. GP should reduce their charge as it has been identified as a major problem. For that we recommend them to further increase their subscriber number especially in the rural areas.
• They can cross the activities of various sub-departments, such as the R&D, Production, Marketing departments, especially in the process of coming up with new product. This will also help them to reduce their cost and will help them to charge less.

Reshape Business model:
The company should be committed to earn revenue by providing the best quality service and spend by establishing developed technology to ensure that best quality services, and by hiring best personnel.
Best cost provider strategy - In the competitive industry, it is not enough to ensure low cost only; ensuring the best quality services is a must. So we are recommending Best- cost strategy, which suggest providing best service at possible least cost. They should give best service in terms of variety of features, customer care, good network etc. On the other hand, they can achieve cost advantage by controlling cost drivers, taking advantages of their huge infrastructure, and knowledge gained from their long-term commitment. These will help them to keep their cost down in spite of retaining high quality.
Deliberate actions: Through holding seminars and competitions among the subscribers of GP, they can reign further by:
• Popularizing VMS
• Introducing MMS
• Providing more customer management center
• Providing ISD services

Updated and Accurate Billing Information: Post-paid customers can check their bills in three ways- IVR (Computer generated voice inform customers their bill when they dial 12111), SMS (Customers can send sms to 2000, writing “Bill” or “Usage”), Customer Care.. Due to wrong and complex procedure of IVR and SMS, Customers often need to rely on Hotline which creates call pressure in 121. Hence, I suggest ensuring the accuracy of billing information and also include time of the bill. For e.g. - IVR will inform customer that your total due amount is XXX taka up to YY: ZZ hour.

Effective Use of Outbound Calling:
Outbound refers to calling customers from helpline for business or communication purpose. Currently GP make outbound calls to those customers whose Internet is not activated. They inform customers regarding the benefit of Internet and then activate P1 on subscriber’s number without any charge. This increase customer satisfaction and use of Internet. But this initiative does not generate much revenue for GP as most of these subscribers are ignorant or not interested in Internet Service. GP can do outbound for those customers who have activated P2/P3/P5/P6/P9 but their package is about to expire (30/15 days). If a customer activates p5/p6/p9 again before expiration, his package will be renewed and the remaining data balance will be added to the data new balance. But if their package expires, their remaining balance also expires. So we can inform them about the benefit of activating p5/p6/p9 within this time. This will increase the frequency of p5/p6/p9 activation and thus generate more revenue for Grameenphone.

Conclusion: After completion of my work tenure as an intern, I feel blessed to have learned so many things in such a short span of time. New learning’s and helpful attitude of colleagues is a thing to be remembered for a long time. I certainly believe this experience of working in GP will help me to be professional in life and also work as an added advantage for the years to come. Getting an opportunity to do internship in the largest telecommunication company of Bangladesh has been a great experience. It was a great honor for me to work in such a professional company where everything is so organized and perfect. The corporate culture that I learned from GP is a thing to be mentioned especially and adapting to it was a big challenge in such an early stage of my career. Textual learning’s form university courses were helpful, but the things learnt from real time work experience for the first time has indeed been a privilege. Dealing with customer queries & complaints has certainly helped my interaction & communication skills. To work in such a big organization was a pressure itself and adapting to this pressure was also a new experience.
2. Internal Information booth (Infocube)

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