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The Study Aims to Know Whether Flooding Affects Student’s Interest in Attending Classes of the University of Cebu-Maritime Education and Training Center.

Carlyle Allen M. Pono Margallo

University of Cebu Maritime Education and Training Center

Submitted to: Ms. Belinda N. Escandallo

March 2011 9:00- 10:30

Rationale of the Study

The use of this study is to know the effects of flooding to student’s

mindset during heavy rain fall that results to flooding. Flooding is common to the

land area of UC-Maritime Education and Training Center, water sometimes rises

from below knee level which is a hustle for the students. This concerns not much

of the course but everyone in the campus who works and studies. This is an

eternal issue that couldn’t be prevented because it is a natural calamity, though

won’t be prevented, there’s still a good remedy for it. A better way of going to

school would be proposed when the problem is totally learned and understood.

Students maybe listened more to have an additional credits in school rules during

floods. This problem should be given much attention for it happens often and

should have a solution earlier to hand down any new school laws to generations to

come in the next following years.

Theoretical Background

Flood geology (also creation geology or diluvial geology) is the interpretation of

the geological history of the Earth in terms of the global flood described in Genesis 6–9.

Similar views played a part in the early development of the science of geology, even after

the Biblical chronology had been rejected by geologists in favor of an ancient Earth.

Modern flood geologists, who are almost always Young Earth creationists, regard

the historicity of the bible as unimpeachable.

Flood geology contradicts the scientific consensus in geology, physics, chemistry,

molecular genetics, evolutionary biology, archaeology, and paleontology, and the

scientific community considers the subject to be pseudoscience. (Encyclopedia


Hundreds of myths from around the world suggest there was a great flood possibly local

or possibly global, depending on the story. Christians generally believe that this is Noah's

flood, a global event brought on by God to cleanse the world of wickedness.

The scientific community doesn't wholly doubt the possibility of a great flood, but it has

yet to answer the questions of where and when it might have happened.

There are two scientific theories in existence, one suggesting flooding around the area

that is now the Black Sea and the other attributing devastating floods to a comet that

struck the Earth. Let's first look at the more popular hypothesis: the flooding of the Black

Sea, also known as Noah's Flood Hypothesis.

In the late 1990s, Columbia University geologists William Ryan and Walter Pitman

proposed that a great flood in the Middle East resulted from rising water levels at the end

of the last Ice Age about 7,000 years ago. At that time, the Black Sea was a freshwater

lake and the lands around it were farmlands. When the European glaciers melted,

the Mediterranean Sea overflowed with a force 200 times greater than that of Niagara

Falls converting the Black Sea from fresh to saltwater and flooding the area

[source: National Geographic].

National Geographic Society explorer Robert Ballard, inspired by Ryan and Pitman's

hypothesis, has discovered supporting physical evidence, including an underwater river

valley and ancient shoreline as well as Stone Age structures and tools beneath the Black

Sea. His team has also unearthed fossils of now-extinct freshwater species dating back

some 7,460 to 15,500 years.

While this theory is still being reviewed, Bruce Masse, an environmental archaeologist at

Los Alamos National Laboratory, put forth his own theory about the great flood. He

hypothesizes that more comet sand meteors than we know have hit Earth throughout its

history. He believes the seeds of great flood stories may have sprouted when a comet hit

our planet about 5,000 years ago.

Masse's presumption is that a 3-mile (4.8-kilometer) wide comet crashed into the ocean

off the coast of what is now Madagascar. The result? Worldwide chaos, including violent

600-foot (182.8-meter) high tsunamis and massive hurricanes spawned when superheated

water vapor and aerosol particulates shot into jet streams. All of this terror was

accompanied by a week of darkness caused by material expelled into the atmosphere.

British researcher has offered yet another non-biblical explanation for the source of the

global Flood account in Genesis. Archaeologist Sean Kingsley proposed that the story

arose from the flooding of ancient and now submerged villages in the Mediterranean Sea

southwest of Mount Carmel. Collectively called Atlit-Yam, these villages were inhabited

long ago when the sea level was lower.

Some scholars have proposed that the flood narrative was inspired by a long-ago

breached dam that allowed the Mediterranean to flow into what is now the Black Sea.

Kingsley argued that this event was too far away from the Holy Land to have inspired

ancients to write what they did. He rhetorically asked The Jerusalem Post, “What's more

convincing scientifically, a flood in the Black Sea, so far away from Israel and the

fantasy of a supposed ark marooned on the slopes of Mount Ararat, or six submerged

Neolithic villages smack-bang in the middle of the Bible Land?”

But why would a flood affecting such a limited area be described thus: “And the waters

prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole

heaven, were covered”?3 Even if the biblical record were absent, a host of scientific

evidence seems to demand a worldwide flood. Noah’s Flood is the most scientifically

sound causative agent for an Ice Age. And it was the melting of the continental ice from

this age, some hundreds of years after the Flood, that likely raised sea levels to eventually

inundate Atlit-Yam.

Israeli archaeologist Ehud Galili has excavated Atlit-Yam for decades and disagreed with

Kingsley’s proposition. Many uniquely preserved artifacts—including animal bones, fish

bones, and plant matter—have been discovered in the underwater villages. They do not

indicate a cataclysm but seem best explained by “the slow rise of sea levels which

occurred all over the world.” Such underwater, formerly coastal villages exist worldwide.

Archaeologist Shimon Gibson told the Post, “The bottom line is that overall evidence of

world submerged in flood does not exist.” In light of the apostle Peter’s warning, this

kind of comment is to be expected.

Nevertheless, those who reject the worldwide flood event should be asked to provide

reasons why this biblical historical narrative account is different from the otherwise

scientifically reliable content of Scripture.8 They also need to explain transcontinental

sediment transport, the cause of the Ice Age, fossilized sea creatures atop every high

mountain in the world, the rapid burial of plants and animals required to produce the

fossil record, the vast extent of some sedimentary rock layers, and the remarkable lack of

erosion features at the contacts between strata9—all without Noah’s Flood.

Statement of the Problem

This study aims to determine the governing problems in the school’s vicinity during flooding and heavy rainfall.

Specifically, this study answers the following questions.

1. What are the effects of flooding to students?

2. What could be a remedy to the problem?

3. Does flooding affect student’s interest in attending classes?

4. Are there any other rules to be made during heavy rainfalls?

5. What are the recommendations?

Scope and Limitations

The study will benefit the student and schools employees. New rules could be made to resolve the problem.

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