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Teletalk, is the only telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh owned by the government. With more than 3,600,000 users, Teletalk is a leading mobile phone operator in the country. Teletalk was the first company to introduce 3G technology in Bangladesh. It also established the first 24-hour Call Center to support its subscribers. With the slogan Amader Phone, Teletalk promises its customers to bring the best of communication technologies so that they can stay close.
HRM Practices in Teletalk:
Human Resources (HR) Department, an important of Administration Division plays very vital role in the total functioning of TELETALK. The traditional management functions – Planning, organizing, staffing, leading, controlling – all these are conducted by HR division. The informal structure of HR according to its functions can be classified into three main categories they are:

Human Resource Management (HRM)
Human Resource Development (HRD)
Human Resource Management Information System (HRMIS)
Here, we will discuss about Human Resource Management (HRM) of Teletalk limited. Under the HRM function there is:
Job Analysis
Human Resource Planning (HRP)
Recruitment & Selection process
Training & Development
Performance Appraisal
Employee motivation
A) Job Analysis:
Every management job is to have a stated purpose & a list of major responsibilities. These should be clearly described & agreed between the incumbent and the superior. The job is to be graded according to its nature & the level of responsibility it carries. Whenever any significant change in the nature of responsibility takes places, the Job Description & specification should be improved accordingly. In December every year the Job Description & job specification of all management position in the Company is to be reviewed & updated at the time when Action Plan meeting is...

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