Ternate, Cavite Case Study (Tourism Planning)

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Lyceum of the Philippines University
Cavite Campus

Department of International Tourism and Hospitality Management

A Comprehensive Report

“Planning Analysis and
Tools in Plan Implementation”

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March 8, 2011


Tourism activity is becoming more competitive, more extensive, more complicated, and more demanding of host communities and their culture and environment. In order for the tourism enterprise in any destination area to respond positively to these challenges, it is necessary for planning.

In general, terms, planning refers to means and methods in making decisions about the future. Planning not only guides actions to be taken in the future but also helps in problem solving. For a certain destination to promote and develop, it entails much time and effort in relation to planning. As we all know in the industry that we must always build something new to attract and delight prospect guest. The planning for various tourism facilities, it must be based on the needs of the guest.

From the start of the planning, we must establish clear and achievable objectives so plan takes place. Before plan will be implement, it should undergo series of analysis considering wide range of issues and aspect.

It is the aim of this report to have a broader approach in relation to planning. In doing so this report explores the planning analysis and aspect/issues involves such as: product analysis, market analysis, determining needs and opportunity analysis. Other major issues are also included about analysis such as asset evaluation, development planning and impact analysis. After plan had analyzed, the next step is to implement, so this report also explains implementation and other tools in plan implementation.

Planning analysis simply means setting and meeting objectives. The analysis should examine the…...