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Managerial Communication Strategies and Applications

Case Study About Technological Communication Tools
Read the case study "Improvements at ServeNow" in Chapter 3 of the textbook and prepare a report with the recommendations you would make as the small-business consultant. Read the "Project" section of the case study to see what the focus of your report should be. Be sure to identify all your sources of information.

As a small-business consultant considering all known information, presuming the company has computers already, my recommendations to Mr. Bushley would include; 1) consider E-learning for training; and, 2) Consider downloading an instant messaging program. These technological communication tools would ensure Mr. Bushley’s ongoing contact with his store, also providing him with tools useful in developing his managerial force.
Communicating With Store Chain
Regular meetings and ongoing communication can be a challenge within itself; an instant messaging system would allow messages to be sent immediately; and, usually a programmed sound or other effect drawing attention to the incoming message alerting managers of a message. If there is a pressing matter that needs to be discussed immediately without interruption the software would allow individuals to request a chat where both parties "talk" in real time. You can even talk (type) at the same time (a feature not allowed in regular conversation). Files can be sent as well as greeting cards, e-mails and voice messages (with the appropriate hook-ups). Additionally, some programs offer a video representation (picture) of the person with whom you are communicating. The best part is that there are instant messaging programs that can downloaded for free.
E-Learning Consideration
Web-based training is a powerful instrument for developing a global labor force. Web-based training can deliver custom…...