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Tesco Online Marketing Research in Thailand's Markets

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Assignment 1 – 50%
Marketing Research Proposal – Individual Assignment

Tesco-Online Thailand’s Failure to Penetrate Thai Markets
Marketing Proposal

Student Name: Weerapat Bhattharadheerakul
Student ID: S00805162
Course Title: Digital Marketing Research
Instructors Name: Gabriella Kerezturi

Regent’s University London
November 2014

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Title Page 1

Table of contents 2

Executive Summary 3

1. Introduction 4 a. Industry Overview 5 b. Organisational Background 5 c. Business Objectives 5 d. Problem Statement 5 e. Research Aim and Objectives 6

2. Research Methodology 6 f. Secondary Data Collection 6 g. Primary Data Collection 7 i. Qualitative/Quantitative 7 ii. Sampling 7

3. Conclusions 8

References 9

Appendix 11

Executive Summary

The present study focuses on Tesco Lotus Thailand and their recent venture into the online grocery shopping industry. The company that accounts for over 1700 retail outlets and employing over 50,000 workers around Thailand, has yet to make any major improvements in their online market share. Big C Super Center, a competitor is presently leading in the industry of online grocery shopping. The study presents that Tesco Lotus lack of proper engagement with the Thai market with the right marketing strategies is one of the primary reasons for this failure. The study therefore wishes to propose a marketing strategy that involves the incorporation of contemporary market strategies such as the use of smartphone application, website design and development, social media and the readjustment of 4Ps of the marketing mix in order to reconfigure their failure into a success. The methodology...

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