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Software Troubleshooting

Version: 5 Date: 9/12/2007
Table of contents:
1. INTRODUCTION 4 1.1. Project Background 4 1.2. Objectives 4 1.3. Testing Strategy 4 1.4. Scope 4 1.5. Reference Material 4 1.6. Definitions and Acronyms 5
2. TEST ITEMS 5 2.1. Program Modules 5 2.2. User Documentation 5 2.3. Operator Procedures 5
5. APPROACH 6 5.1. Component Testing 6 5.2. Integration Testing 6 5.3. Conversion Testing 6 5.4. Production Environment Testing 7 5.5. Interface Testing 7 5.6. Security Testing 7 5.7. Recovery Testing 7 5.8. Performance Testing 7 5.9. Regression Testing 7 5.10. Acceptance Testing 7 5.11. Beta Testing 8
6. PASS / FAIL CRITERIA 8 6.1. Suspension Criteria 8 6.2. Resumption Criteria 8 6.3. Approval Criteria 8
7. TESTING PROCESS 8 7.1. Test Deliverables 8 7.2. Testing Tasks 8 7.3. Responsibilities 8 7.4. Schedule 9
8. ENVIRONMENTAL REQUIREMENTS 9 8.1. Hardware 9 8.2. Software 9 8.3. Security 9 8.4. Tools 9 8.5. Risks and Assumptions 10
9. Change Management Procedures 10
10. Plan Approvals 10


1 Project Background

2 Objectives

3 Testing Strategy

4 Scope

5 Reference Material

6 Definitions and Acronyms


1 Program Modules

2 User Documentation

3 Operator Procedures




1 Component Testing

2 Integration Testing

3 Conversion Testing

4 Production Environment Testing

5 Interface Testing

6 Security Testing

7 Recovery Testing

8 Performance Testing

9 Regression Testing

10 Acceptance Testing

11 Beta Testing


1 Suspension Criteria...

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