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Testing Plan

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There are many types of testing such as inspection, walkthrough, desk checking, unit test, integration test, stub test and system test. Inspection, walkthrough and desk checking was implemented by development team. Each module of system is test alone in attempt to discover errors in code. By using several of test, the potential error is revealed and action being taken to improve the performance of the system.
The objectives of test planning are:
• Record, organize, and guide testing activities
• Schedule testing activities according to the test strategy and project deadlines
• Provide a basis for re-testing during system maintenance
• Provide a basis for evaluating and improving testing process
The testing process required in implementation phase being began from planning phase which are determining part of system needs to be tested and also collecting test data. After that, come to analysis phase, testing requirements are list out by relating it with system requirements. HL Northern Enterprise development team used several types of testing toward system that consists of manual and computer conduct. Inspection being executed by team and subtle errors are being examined with the checklist. The information of errors occurred is investigated and documented to avoid making same types errors in future work. In addition, the automated inspection software is being implemented for detecting the routine error and content mistake. HL Northern Enterprise cooperates with test log to apply its computer inspection.
Besides that, inspection and automated checking, walkthrough and desk checking are also being applied by the team. Programmer is being advised to continue with walkthroughs more frequently because it will reduce the complexity of errors detecting if there is errors occurred one day. Next, desk checking is used by programmer too to informally...

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