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Testing the Waters

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Boston Scientific and Medtronic in medical devices
Media companies (e.g. Time Warner, Disney, Vivendi) and their diversification strategies
Amazon’s tablet business
Shangri-La Hotels: strategy for regional growth
Cemex: strategy for globalization
P&G and Unilever in China (or India)
Walls icecream’s (owned by Unilever) growth in Asia
Nestle’s growth in emerging markets
Globalization strategy of Whirlpool
Whirlpool and GE’s strategies in appliances in Asia
Walmart’s globalization; experiences in Latin America, Asia, Europe
Carrefour: successes and failures in globalization
Mittal’s growth in steel industry; industry consolidation
AES growing in electricity generation industry; globalization; industry restructuring
Consolidation in the electric utility industry in the US
Consolidation in the aluminum industry
Consolidation in the automotive industry: Fiat+Chrysler, Daimler + Chrysler, Renault + Nissan
Alliances in the international airline industry
New airlines in Europe, such as Ryanair, Easy Jet, Go, Virgin Express
Lenovo (China) in PC and Internet
Haier (China) in appliances
Ebay’s acquisition of Skype
Chipotle’s growth: past, present and future
Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm
Inditex and fast fashion industry
Paypal and mobile payment industry
Schneider Electric’s acquisition of Invensys
Online instant video industry
Growth and decline of Blackberry
Globalization of McDonald’s
Intel and vertical integration
Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia
Big tobacco, growth strategy for Reynolds American
Green Mountain Coffee
Yahoo’s search for growth
Avis’ acquisition of Zipcar
Apple and Samsung in smartphones
FedEx’s acquisition of Kinko
Gap’s expansion to Latin America
Google in the mobile phone market Strategies for Growth (STR672)
Prof. Aneel Karnani
Term Project
Peer Evaluation

A significant part of the learning in this course, and of the grade for the course, is based on the term project. This project is designed as a team effort to benefit from the synergies developed as multiple ideas and diverse perspectives are brought together, and to share the workload. Most teams work well, and all members contribute equally and effectively. However, peer review of team members is essential in order to evaluate individual contributions fairly, particularly if some students have not contributed their fair share.

Please distribute 100 points among all team members (including yourself) to indicate their relative contribution to the term project. Please complete and sign this form; this evaluation is confidential to the instructor.

You do not need to submit this form if you wish to give equal points to all group members.

Team Member Section Points

Total points 100



Fall 2015


Class 1. September 11
Topics: Introduction
Assignment: Nokia Corporation Five ways to grow the market and create value Controversy: The Essence of Strategy

Class 2. September 18
Topics: Framework for growth strategies Cultivating new capabilities; organizational challenges
Assignment: Delta Air Lines (A) and (B) Misunderstanding the Nature of Company Performance: The Halo Effect and Other Business Delusions

Class 3. September 25
Topics: Synergy; core competence; related diversification
Assignment: General Electric Healthcare, 2006 Skype Growth Outside the Core

Class 4. October 2
Topics: Linking finance and strategy together
Assignment: Extending the “easy” Business Model Death, Taxes, and Reversion to the Mean

Class 5. October 3
Topics: Industry consolidation
Assignment: The Loewen Group Service Corporation International (Bear Sterns)

Class 6. October 9
Topics: Mode of growth: organic growth, strategic alliances, mergers & acquisitions
Assignment: Hewlett-Packard – Compaq: The Merger Decision EBay’s strategy in China: Alliance or acquisition Finding the Right Path

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