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Model: GH-PAC-12E1 Model: GH-PAC-12E1HP WITH HEAT

12,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner Operating Instructions

Thank you for choosing a Soleus Air Powered by Gree Portable Air Conditioner. This owner’s manual will provide you with valuable information necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your new product. Please take a few moments to thoroughly read the instructions and familiarize yourself with all the operational aspects of your new Portable Air Conditioner. For your own records, please attach a copy of your sales receipt to this manual. Also, write the store name/location, date purchased, and serial number below:
Store Name: ____________________________________________________ Location: ______________________________________________________ Date Purchased: _________________________________________________ Serial Number (located on back of unit): ______________________________

Before installing and using your portable air conditioner, please read this owner’s manual carefully. Store this manual in a safe place for future reference. 1) Always place the unit on a level surface. 2) Never use or store gasoline or other flammable vapor or liquid near this unit unless instructed by this manual. 3) Maintain at least 12 inches (50 cm) clearance space around this unit. Do not block or cover air inlet or outlet grilles. 4) The unit must be connected to a correctly grounded power supply. 5) Do not start or stop the unit by inserting or pulling out the power plug. 6) Do not use an adapter plug or extension cord. 7) Do not use the unit in the immediate surroundings of a bath, a shower or a swimming pool. 8) Do not insert anything into the air outlet. Do not obstruct air inlet or outlet grills unless instructed by this manual. 9) Do not let children play near this unit. 10) Always inspect the cord for signs of damage before use. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or a qualified service technician. 11) When cleaning the unit, always turn the unit off and unplug the power cord.


Portable Air Conditioner Exhaust Hose (1) Front Exhaust Hose Adapter (1) Window Kit Adapter (1) Rear Exhaust Hose Adapter (1) Remote Control & AAA Ba tteries (2 batteries) Window Kit - 3 Sliding Panels (1 sing le hose panel, 2 extension panels) Owner’s Manual

• • • • • • •

The cooling capacity is measured at an ambient temperature of DB 86 °F, WB 78 °F. Noise level is measured at a distance of 3.28 ft away fromthe front of the unit, when the unit is in cooling mode. Power consumption is measured when the fan runs at the highest speed setting. These speci cations are for reference only. For actual data, please refer to the rating label on the back of the unit. If the environment temperature is higher than the max operating temperature or lower than the minimum operating temperature, the air conditioner may not work properly. Dehumidi er mode works when ambient temperatures are between 61°F - 86°F Air Conditioner mode operates up to an ambient temperature of 59°F.
GH-PAC-12E1 1/115/60Hz 81 12,000 1465 13 55/53/51 235/205/175 17.75 x 33.125 x 17.125 85.1 R-410A 1465 watts/hour 2 watts/hour GH-PAC-12E1HP 1/115/60Hz 81 12,000 10,500 1465 1200 13 10.6 55/53/51 235/205/175 17.75 x 33.125 x 17.125 85.1 R-410A 1465 watts/hour 2 watts/hour

Model / Ref. # Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz) Dehumidifying Capacity (Pints/Day) Rated Cooling Capacity (BTU/h) Rated Heating Capacity (BTU/h) Cooling Power Input (Watts) Heating Power Input (Watts) Rated Current Cooling (Amperage) Rated Current Heating (Amperage) Noise Level (dBA) - H/M/L Air Flow - H/M/L (CFM) Product Dimensions (W” x H” x D”) Product Weight (Lbs) Refrigerant Type Energy consumption Energy consumption in stand by



WARNING This unit has a grounded three pronged plug intended to fit into a three slot outlet. (A) An adapter is available for connecting three pronged plugs into two slot outlets. (B) When doing so, the green grounding tab extending from the adapter must be fastened under the wall plate’s mounting screw. The adapter should not be used if a three-slot outlet is available. DO NOT DEFEAT THE SAFETY PURPOSE OF THE GROUNDED PLUG.



Air Outlet & Louvers Carry Handle Control Panel

Filter Location

Upper Air Intake

Air Exhaust Vent

Lower Air Intake

Power Cord


Front Exhaust Hose Adapter

Rear Exhaust Hose Adapter

Exhaust Hose

Window Kit Adapter

Sliding Panels (3)

INSTALLATION When the unit is operating as an air conditioner or dehumidifier, the window kit and exhaust hose must be installed. When the unit is operating in fan mode, the window kit and exhaust hose do not need to be installed . MOUNTING THE EXHAUST HOSE • Choose a suitable location, near a grounded electrical outlet and suitable window or door. Remove packaging and locate components. • Extend both ends of the exhaust hose approximately 6 inches. • Screw the REAR and FRONT Exhaust Hose Adapters onto each end of the exhaust hose. Once both adapters are attached, attach the Window Kit Adapter to the REAR Exhaust Hose Adapter. • Connect the FRONT Exhaust Hose Adapter to the back of your portable air conditioner. • Attach the Window Kit Adapter to the window kit. • For maximum efficiency bend the exhaust hose as little as possible once installation is complete.


This installation is OK

The is a poor installation



When installing the exhaust hose, try and keep it as flat as possible. The less angles and bends in the hose, the better the unit will perform. If bending or an angle is necessary, use single 90° angles like the pictures above. Multiple bends will decrease performance and efficiency












CONTROL PANEL OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 1) Power On and Off - Press the POWER button once to manually turn the unit on. Press the POWER button once more to turn the unit off. 2) Mode Selection - Press the MODE Button repeatedly to cycle between the different modes: Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier (DRY), Fan only, and Heater mode (NOTE: Heater mode is only available on the GH-PAC-12E1HP). Each press of the MODE button will light up a different mode icon on the control panel. The exhaust hose and window kit must be installed when the unit is in Air Conditioner, Dehumidifier (DRY), or Heater (GH-PAC-12E1HP only) mode. When using the unit as a fan, it is not necessary to keep the exhaust hose and window kit connected to the unit. 3) Temperature - Select the desired temperature by pressing either ▼ or ▲ key when using the unit in Cooling or Heating (GH-PAC-12E1HP only) mode. The digital thermostat will display the set temperature. 4) Bucket Full - When the unit cannot evaporate the collected moisture fast enough, the excess water will collect in a backup water tank located inside the unit. The Bucket Full icon (GH-PAC-12E1) or Heat Mode icon (GH-PAC-12E1HP) will light up if this occurs. The unit will then beep 8 times and the LED display will show “H8”. The compressor will now shut off. You should now drain the excess water from the unit. To do this, get a small pan and place it under the drain plug on the bottom of the back of the unit. Remove the plug and slightly tilt the unit backwards to drain the water into the pan.






When the unit is in Air Conditioner or Heater (GH-PAC12E1HP) mode you can select your desired temperature. Press the TEMP SELECT buttons ( or -) to select + your desired temperature setting. The temperature on the LCD display on the remote control will increase or decrease accordingly. Hold the +/- buttons for two seconds to rapidly increase or decr ase the temperature. Temp. e range is 61°F—86°F.



Press the Fan Speed button to change fan speeds. Fan Speeds:
Low Speed High Speed

Medium Speed

NOTE: When the unit is in Dehumid the fan speed is not adjustable.

(DRY) mode,


SWING BUTTON ON/OFF BUTTON Press the Up and Down Swing Button to turn on and the vertical swing mode. In vertical swing mode, the louvers will rotate up and down to circulate more air. When the unit is o , press the Up and Down Swing Button and “+” at the same time enable stationary swing to mode. Stationary Swing mode allows for more control over the way the louvers swing up and down. The Swing icon on the Remote LCD will blink twice when this is Blinks for 2 Seconds In Stationary Swing mode, press the Up and Down Swing Button to change the swing pattern per below: AUTO COOL DRY FAN HEAT NOTE: Heat Mode is only available on GH-PAC-12E1HP Disable Stationary Swing Mode by pressing the Up and Down Swing Button and “+” button at the same time. The Swing Icon on the Remote LCD will blink twice when this is disabled.

Press the ON/OFF (POWER) button once to manually turn the unit on. Press the Power button once more to turn the unit


Press the MODE Button repeatedly to cycle between the di erent modes.





Auto-on Timer: When the air conditioner is off, it can be set to automatically turn on in 30 minutes to 24 hours at the previous set mode and fan setting. To set the Autoon Timer, press the TIMER button on the unit or remote control. Each touch of the +/- buttons on the remote will change the timer setting in 30 minute increments (.5 hours). HOUR ON/OFF icon will blink when the Autoon Timer is being set. Once the timer is set, press the TIMER button once more to save the setting. Auto-off Timer: When the air conditioner is on, it can be set to automatically turn off in 30 minutes to 24 hours. To set the Auto-off Timer, press the TIMER button on the remote control. Each touch of the +/- buttons on the remote will change the timer setting in 30 minute (.5 hour) intervals. HOUR ON/OFF icon will blink when the Auto-off Timer is being set. To cancel the timer, press the ON/OFF button. Once the timer is set, press the TIMER button once more to save the setting. Press the ON/OFF button to clear a time setting. HORIZONTAL SWING BUTTON This function is not available on this unit.



The Health Function is not available on this unit.

Press the Save button to automatically rotate through the different speeds. To disable Save mode and pick your own fan speed, press the Save button again.



This function is not available on this unit.



Press the TEMP button to display the current set temperature or the actual room temperature. With each press of the TEMP button the display will cycle back and forth.

NOTE: 1. Remote control type: YB1F2F 2. Battery: AAA 1.5V x 2 3.Remove Batteries when remote will not in use for a NOTE: 1.long time. Remote control type: YB1F2F 2. Battery: AAA 1.5 x 2 3. Remove batteries when remote will not in use for a “Mode” and “ - ” buttons simultaneously can shift long time. between “C” & “F” 6. Press “+” & “ - ” button simultaneously can lock or unlock and “ - ” buttons simultaneously can shift “Mode”the keyboard on the remote 7. Do not recharge or dipose battery in re. between “C” & “F” 8. Do not + ” &or- connect the battery improperly. or 6. Press “ mix “ ” buttons simultaneously can lock unlock the keyboard on the remote.







Press the blow button to enable the blow function. When enable, blow will force the fan to remain on once the unit is powered down. The fan stays on to dry out any remaining moisture in the unit to help minimize mold or bacteria growth. This function only works under cooling mode.


• Press “+” and “-” buttons toge ther at the same time to lock the remote keyboard. Do this again to unlock.



Press the SLEEP mode button to engage SLEEP mode.. This feature limits compressor usage and enhances energy savings by adjusting the set temperature while you are leeping. Press the SLEEP s button once more to disable Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode is not available in Auto or Fan Modes.


Press the LIGHT button to turn the on the display Light. A small Light bulb icon will light up on the remote control display.

In Cooling or Dehumi (DRY) modes: When sleep mode is selected the set temperature will automatically increase 2°F after 1 hour. After 2 hours, the set temperature will increase another 2 for a total increase of 4°F. °F


• Press the MODE button to select Auto Mode. Once Auto Mode is selected the unit will automatically choose the operating modbased on the current room e temperature. The temperatu will not be displayed on er the LED in this mode.

In Heating mode (GH-PAC-12E1HP only): When sleep modeis selected th set temperature will automatically e increase 2 after 1 hour. After 2 hours, the set tem°F perature will decrease another °F for a total decreaseof 2 4°F.


• When the unit is o , press the MODE and “-” button to change between F° and C°.


Note: Make sure power is off and the power cord is not plugged into an electrical outlet prior to performing any maintenance on the unit. Clean or replace filter - If the air filter is blocked with a dust, the airflow volume may decrease. It is recommended to clean the filter once every two weeks, or as needed. 1) Remove the filter from the filter compartment on the back of the unit. 2) Wash the air filter by immersing it gently into warm water with a neutral detergent. Rinse the filter and dry it thoroughly out of sunlight. 3) Slide the filter back into the filter compartment after it is thoroughly dried. 4) If the filter is torn or unusable, order a new filter by calling the customer service number on the warranty page of this manual. Clean the unit Housing 1) Keep the unit from being exposed directly to the sun to prevent color fading. 2) Clean the surface with a damp cloth and dry it with a soft towel. Storing the Unit for an Extended Period of Time or Transporting the unit 1) Empty any excess water by unplugging the water drainage stop in the back of the unit (located at the bottom). 2) Unplug the unit. 3) The unit should be stored in a cool dry place.


The Air Conditioner will not start


Make sure the air conditioner plug is pushed completely into the outlet Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and replace the fuse or reset the breaker. The unit will automatically re-start when power is restored. There is a protective time delay (approx. 3 minutes) to prevent tripping of the compressor overload. For this reason, the unit may not start normal cooling for 3 minutes after it is turned back on. Press the RESET button located on the power cord plug. If the RESET button will not stay engaged, discontinue use of the air conditioner and contact a qualified service technician. Make sure there are no curtains, blinds, or furniture blocking the front of the air conditioner Lower the set thermostat temperature Clean the filter. See the Cleaning and Care Section of the manual. Please allow time for the room to cool down after turning on the air conditioner. Check for open furnace registers and cold air returns The unit is defrosting and will resume operation when done. Cancel the TIMER or wait until the unit turns on. Check the position of the batteries. Replace the batteries 14

The air conditioner is unplugged or not • connected well. • The fuse is blown/circuit breaker is tripped. • Power Failure •

• The current interrupter device is tripped. •

The Air Conditioner does not cool as it should

Airflow is restricted

The temperature control may not be set correctly. The air filter is dirty

The room may be too warm

Cold air is escaping The Evaporator is frozen

The Dehumidifier function is not providing cool air as it should The Air Conditioner displays the Timer hours but does not work The Remote Control is not working

• •

Is the TIMER ON enabled?

The batteries are inserted incorrectly The batteries may be dead

• •

The LCD Display is showing “E5”

Low Voltage Protection

• Unplug for 10 minutes and then turn on the unit. If “E5” is still displayed, contact customer service. Drain the water tank If the “H8” I still displayed after the water tank has been emptied, contact customer service. Contact Customer Service

The LCD Display is showing “H8”

The backup water tank is full

• •

The LCD Display is showing “F1”, “F2”, or “F4”

Internal malfunction


One Year Limited Warranty Soleus International Inc. warrants the accompanying Soleus Air Powered by Gree Portable Air Conditioner to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the applications specified in its operation instruction for a period of ONE (1) year from the date of original retail purchase in the United States. If the unit exhibits a defect in normal use, Soleus International Inc. will, at its option, either repair or replace it, free of charge within a reasonable time after the unit is returned during the warranty period. As a condition to any warranty service obligation, the consumer must present this Warranty Certificate along with a copy of the original purchase invoice. THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVER: • Damage, accidental or otherwise, to the unit while in the possession of a consumer not caused by a defect in material or workmanship. • Damage caused by consumer misuse, tampering, or failure to follow the care and special handling provisions in the instructions. • Damage to the finish of the case, or other appearance parts caused by wear. • Damage caused by repairs or alterations of the unit by anyone other than those authorized by Soleus International Inc. • Freight and Insurance cost for the warranty service. ALL WARRANTIES, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANT ABILITY ARE LIMITED TO ONE-YEAR DURATION OF THIS EXPRESS LIMITED WARRANTY. SOLEUS INTERNATIONAL INC. DISCLAIMS ANY LIABILITY FOR CONSEQUENTIAL OR INCIDENTAL DAMAGES AND IN NO EVENT SHALL SOLEUS INTERNATIONAL INC’S LIABILITY EXCEED THE RETAIL VALUE OF THE UNIT FOR BREACH OF ANY WRITTEN OR IMPLIED WARRANTY WITH RESPECT TO THIS UNIT. This warranty covers only new products purchased from our authorized dealers or retailers. It does not cover used, salvaged, or refurbished products. As some states do not allow the limitation or exclusion of incidental or consequential damages, or do not allow limitation on implied warranties, the above limitations and exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state. For Technical Support & Warranty Service Write to or visit us at Soleus International Inc. 20035 E. Walnut Dr. North City of Industry, CA 91789 U.S.A.


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Genetic Testing

...E Poole Beecham English 101 10059 19 April 2010 Genetic Testing Imagine choosing your daughter to have high intelligence. No one would fault the parents for giving their daughter this advantage for life. Parents can make the decision to use any safe drug or therapy to enhance their future children to make them smarter, better, stronger, to increase their intelligence, height, or other traits (Zane). Testing for medical tendencies to screen and reduce the possibility of future illness or diseases is now feasible. Genetic testing can enhance and improve lives with immeasurable benefits. The rewards of this testing outweigh any reservations. Genetic testing are examinations of blood and other tissues of the body that doctors in the medical field prepare to test for possible defects of the body. These DNA based tests generally involves direct examination of the DNA molecule itself and are very sophisticated techniques of testing genetic disorders in the bodies of human beings. Prenatal genetic testing with the procedure of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, or PGD is a technique whereby testing is performed of an approximate three-day-old embryo to confirm that it does not carry a particular disease or diseases (Naik). The test predicts, with variable confidence, what the possible medical problems will be in the future. Then the doctor implants this embryo, which is free of that syndrome, in the mother's womb. It appears to be relatively easy to check the DNA and......

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Animal Testing

...English 240 December 16, 2011 Should Animals be used for Research During the past ten years, a major controversy over the use of animals in biomedical and behavioral research has arisen. The debate about using animals for medical testing has been ongoing for years. The struggle is usually between animal rights activists and scientist. I believe that animal testing is imperative to the progression of medical cures, procedures and drugs. Scientists have been solving medical problems, developing new techniques and treatments, and curing diseases by using animals in biomedical research. Animal rights advocates believe that animals should not be exploited by humans, and that animals have the same rights as humans. Anti-vivisectionists oppose the use of animals in medical research. They believe that medical researchers are cruel and inhumane. Animal Welfare does not oppose all use of animals in research. They oppose inhumane and unnecessary use of animals and fight to eliminate pain and suffering of animals. On the Contrary, scientists argue that animal research is necessary because it helps them develop medications, vaccines, or new procedures to treat or prevent diseases for both humans and animals. Most research projects either do not involve pain or the pain is alleviated with analgesic or anesthetic drugs. They understand that pain causes stress for the animals, and this stress can seriously affect the results of the study. With all these controversies about......

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Software Testing

...Software Testing Techniques Manpreet Kaur1 and Rupinder Singh2 1 Department of CSE CGC, Gharuan Mohali, India 2 CSE CGC, Gharuan Mohali, India Abstract Software testing is important to reduce errors, maintenance and overall software costs. One of the major problems in software testing area is how to get a suitable set of test cases to test a software system. We identify a number of concepts that every software engineering student and faculty should have learned. There are now many testing techniques available for generating test cases. This set should ensure maximum effectiveness with the least possible number of test cases. The main goal of this paper is to analysed and compare the testing technique to find out the best one to find out the error from the software. Keywords: Software testing; process model; testing techniques; 1. Introduction Software testing is a process or a series of processes designed to verify computer code does what it was designed to do. According to ANSI/IEEE 1059 standard [1, 2], Testing can be defined as ―A process of analyzing a software item to detect the differences between existing and required conditions (that is defects/errors/bugs) and to evaluate the features of the software item. Another more appropriate definition is this: [3] Testing is the process of executing a program with the intent of finding errors. The concept of testing is as old as coding and is change along with time. Gelperin and Hetzel [4] proposed the concept of the......

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Animal Testing

...Humans have used animals for different uses. They have been used for food, clothing farm work and a variety of other uses. So using them to test new medical advances is different. Animal testing for medical purpose help saves lives and future generations. Animal testing should be continued for the use within the medical field. The ancient Greeks believed that animals were created by the gods to be used however people wish. The Bible says God gave man dominions “over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, over all the earth and over every creeping things that creeps on the earth” (Genesis 9:1-3). The ancient Greeks and Romans influenced the laws of western civilization. The western civilization had no laws saying what you could not do to an animal no matter how cruel or unnecessary the act was (Thorburn). To some people animals have no rights at all while to others animals have rights and should not fell unnecessary pain and suffering. The people who believe animals have no rights; and use them just for their benefits but there is a line that should not be crossed animals do have feelings and some rights. The new movement of animal right groups has some good points like human like primates should not be used in testing like chimpanzees. The first law put in place by western civilizations was in the Massachusetts Bay colony. The law states that it is illegal to exercise any tyranny or cruelty towards any animal which are kept for use by......

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