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Texas Borders and Immigrations

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Texas Borders and Immigrations
Darell Andrews
November 3, 2014

Texas Borders and Immigrations
Texas with amongst other southern states has issues with immigrants from Mexico, crossing into their states. A recent outbreak of children caught crossing the border. Texas and other states used tax payers money to house these children. Reporter Chuck Ross stated “The recent spike of illegal immigrants — which the Obama administration has called “unprecedented” — has mostly been reported as a wave of unaccompanied children. The administration predicts that 90,000 will be apprehended this year — three times last year’s totals.” (Ross, 2014, n.a) Families in Mexico believe their children will have a better and safe life in the United States. For a parent to send their children away and possibly never see their child again, the child must have been living a devastating lifestyle. The parents are aware the United States will provide immediate care for their children. Our government needs to come up strategy to lower or completely stop immigrants from invading our states.
A part of me feels horrible for these children who have lived a terrifying life and are looking for peace in their life. These children are not trying to avoid authorities once they make it over the border. They want to be caught and have the opportunity to receive a visa to stay in the United States. After each child is arrested at the border they began the process of being deported back to their home country. There have been outbreaks of children bringing chicken pox and scabies into the housing units. Also, there is a danger of a sick child being placed into a public class room and other students contracting those diseases. During this process many barriers are present for the children to be able to receive a visa to stay in the United States. The main issue is the...

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