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Texas History
Mrs. Vance
October 10, 2013

Comparing Accounts
A Lone Star Reader is an anthological history of the state of Texas having a general reader’s and students design. It contains historic and academic leading works designated for readers. The account of this article is written by Stephen L. Hardin. He is a history professor at the University of McMurry in Abilene. The author of this account is an experienced academic writer. In his account he describes the account of the battle of Alamo where the Texan defense falls under the Santa Anna’s forces at the earliest hours of the 6th day of March 1836. Hardin involves various broad perspectives of views and writing styles, which are exhibited in the writing of this account.
The Battle of Alamo account by Dela Pena is an historic firsthand account of what the author considers to be the truth of what happen during the war and after the war. The author of the account was a soldier on the Mexican side during the war. The account contains a record of the events that occurred during the war and after the war. The account presents information different from the so far story of the war that circulated for over 150 years (Hardin, 1994 p. 78).
The two accounts are similar in that they report about the events that proceeded the morning of March 6th 1836. Hardin presents the account of the war from the beginning to the end capturing information from a wider perspective and considering views of various historians and writers. In his list of reference is the account of Dela Pena. Dela Pena presents an eyewitness of what happened during the war and afterwards during the war. Dela Pela mentions the proceedings of the war and also mentions the story of the Mexican army how the orders were being issued during the war (Gunderson, 2004 p.62).
However, the two accounts differ on various perspectives. First, the A...

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