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Text in Time

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Texts are products of time
Focusing of 2 texts from different eras, discuss how text reflect values of their context. Medieval literature and the renaissance literature was a period of time where religion and values were important, good and evil was widely distinct and the political structure was highly valued depending on the individual’s background. These factors had huge influence on how and why literature was raised. Middle ages was a more a time of religious fears and, scientific and cultural progress was considered evil which made stories more conservative, harsh and heroic. One of the famous medieval text includes Thomas Malory and the Morte D’Arther. The text is a fusion of historical and pre-Christian magical elements. On the other hand, the renaissance was quiet different to medieval period, it was the rebirth of individualism, humanism and free thinking. Renaissance writing, by contrast showed interest in writing, arts and culture. One of the key philosophical elements of the renaissance was the rise of humanism and precursor to the age of enlightenment. Renaissance literature and arts became more invested in the hands of rich and powerful. One of the famous renaissance text includes a Petrarchan sonnet called the Holy Sonnet 10 by John Donne. The sonnet has a lot of religious and biblical context of god, death and eternal life. It highlights the insignificance of death that it should not be feared, it reveals human dignity and happiness and individual freedom. These 2 texts from the medieval and the renaissance had strong beliefs and valued religious/ heroic figure in society which hugely affected people’s faith and value.

During the Medieval ages there was a lot of dynamic changes in belief, language, law and leadership increasing the establishment of the powerful Christian church. One of the well-known text that has some of these characteristics is...

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