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Compare and contrast Text A and Text B
Text A- Satirical Elegy on the death of a late famous general
Text B- An obituary of William Davidson

Both texts are similar, in the fact that they both are reminiscence on a person’s life after their death. Many differences, however, can be seen throughout the poem written by Jonathan Swift and the Obituary. The opening of both Texts is contradictory as Text A opens with a series of exclamations, ‘His Grace! Impossible! What, dead!, ’which gives an impression of surprise at the death but not a sense of grief is aroused. On the other hand, Text B embarks with a compliment ‘was in his element at the heart of the action’; both openings give a clear implication of the withdrawal of the rest of the text. The structure of both are also at a contrast, Text A is an elegy so Is a farewell to the dead but the fact that Swift writes a satire elegy therefore removes the traditional aspect of an elegy. Text B is an Obituary, but although also a farewell to the dead, it is read at a remembrance or a funeral so is written with aspiration to honour William Davidson and not undermine him in the way that Text A is. Text A is written with a sarcastic and mocking tone, through the poem it is highlighted that the general has earned the disrespected he has received through the mention also of his failures with use of the parallelism of ‘Nor widows’ sigh, nor orphans’ tears’ which gives the impression that no grief is present throughout any of the people he ruled and stresses the expected sympathy lacking in his funeral but also brings across the suffering in which he cause by sending men to war. Written from point of view of the poet/narrator enhances the individual criticism that will be included whereas Text B writes chronologically mentioning Davidsons successes and achievements in life, examples consist of

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