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Vu, V. (2013) Promoting the Implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Standards to Ensure Sustainable Development of Textile Enterprises in Vietnam

Implementing corporate social responsibility (CSR) is one of the requirements that enterprises need to observe to ensure green growth towards sustainable development.
Corporate social responsibility (CSR) has been conventionally defined as a voluntary humane activity in solving social and charitable problems. Recently, however, there is a new school that advocates strong intervention by the state and society, including the need for legislation to strengthen the CSR of enterprises, instead of leaving it to their individual discretion.

“Sustainable development (SD) is the development of using available natural resources and environmental conditions not only to meet the needs of human beings but also to ensure the necessary environmental and resource conditions for future generations so that they can live better" [WCED, 1987]. The sustainable development of a society is judged by certain criteria in all three aspects: the economy, society and environment and natural resources. These criteria are different in countries which have different levels of development. In general, however, in order to obtain sustainable development, they must balance all three objectives: the economy, society and the environment. This is not easy for the development of economy and society of each country or community in general.

To improve competitiveness and ensure sustainable development of every enterprise and Vietnam’s economy, in the next time, it is essential that Vietnamese textile enterprises improve executive CSR standards. Based on the analysis of the implementation of the CSR standards...

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